How We are Creating Financial Freedom as Educators on Keep Thrifty

I’ve been MIA this week because I’ve been busy learning a ton about making homemade chocolate, and also learning all I can about fermenting my own kombucha at home. Plus, I’ve been keeping consistent with my running training after having a really amazing podcast interview last week with an inspiring runner; which will air in March.

While I’m busy wrapping my head around what I’m learning and putting that into words, check out Our Financial Freedom Story on Keep Thrifty! Chris and I have been hard at work changing our financial lives and this is a great recap of the past 8 years of our journey.

In other news…

My heart has been heavy with the news this week, as Chris and I both work in schools and have seen first-hand plans thwarted. Only a few weeks ago Chris encountered an incident in his very own classroom that could’ve turned deadly without swift action of a security guard’s knowledge of a social media post. I was thankful for his phone call that afternoon.

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in and it’s always in the back of my mind as I manage a large open space that hundreds of people pass through on a daily basis. Working in a large open library at the community college level as well, I’ve been on campus when there have been others with guns drawn and lockdown situations.

The best training I received once was boiled down to this: Run. Hide. Fight.

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  1. Fermented foods are something I find either people love or hate. My family doesn’t like the kefir I make (but my dogs do!). I’m hopeful they might enjoy the kombucha, but if not, it’s a fun kitchen experiment! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We cannot choose our parents. It is not our fault if we born in a poor family but to die poor is an another story. So start your journey now from being financially handicapped to financially able and independent by following the suggestions that were mentioned above.

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