Weekend DIY: Installing a New Stair Rail

When we have winter weekends with no plans, we tend to look to get some home projects done we’ve been talking about for awhile.

Our house is our “maker space”, where we love to experiment and continually remake it as we enjoy living there. Renting sounds sometimes appealing when I read others who reach financial freedom that way, but I could not imagine what we’d do with our time if we didn’t have space literally to “play” in and renovate! Plus, I know in the next few years it’ll be mostly complete and look amazing, just like the old house we enjoyed renewing over eight years.

Two weekends ago, sorry I’m a little off on my posting schedule, we decided to do a project that had been sitting on the backburner for some time.

Before this, we had a wooden rail halfway down on the right, and a wrought iron rail at the bottom of the stair. The wrought iron rail broke due to a baby gate snapping it! Yes, a baby gate’s pressure broke wrought iron.

We existed for some time without the wrought iron railing with the gate up higher on the stairs, but now that our kids are getting older we no longer need the gate on the stairs (though I miss it to corral the dogs).

Mainly Chris does the work after I tell him what I want to happen. I corral the kids the entire time which is wholly a lot of work, too.

Now that we have the new wooden railing all setup, we’re going to finally paint our hallways going up the stairs and what not. The painting will happen come springtime when we can open the windows. We never painted the halls when we moved in, as it was freshly painted beige and thought we’d eventually get around to it. Three and a half years later, we’re getting to it!

A new stair railing was a relatively inexpensive (<$100) update that makes the stairs quite a bit safer for all who come to our house. When it’s painted, and the area is complete, I think it’ll lead to a more finished look from the living room. Plus, then I can hang some photos on the wall as well to complete the space.

Is this a project you’d outsource or DIY? I love DIY and Chris has gotten so good at working on various projects they go far smoother than ever these days. It’s only taken 10+ years of DIY!