Stopping the Tech Takeover

I manage my tech rather well, so well in fact that I find I am often bored and don’t even know what to click on. My habits are still there to swipe, click, read; but I’ve removed all possibility of wasting time.

Technology has a way of slipping into our lives and taking up permanent residence without our even realizing it’s there and intrusive. For the past few years, I’ve slowly backed off of using the most popular of social media sites in order to recreate the life I lived prior to the invention of all of these gadgets back in 2007.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” At least, it was for me.

I quit Facebook almost 7 years ago, though on occasion I use Chris’ account to check on what my mom posts. I left Twitter, but have it hanging out there for blog posts to be shared and the occasional tweet when I’m feeling compelled (which I try not to feel compelled). I tried using Instagram again last year leading up to my second half marathon, and while fun, seemed to all-consuming once I was sucked back in.

The one platform of social media I do enjoy is YouTube. I find myself learning so very much on YouTube that it’s one place I cannot leave behind. When opening the app I usually focus on why I am there and what I am here to learn. My growth mindset gets right to work on YouTube, but I can’t say the same in all of the other apps.

A while ago, I came across a way to help you curb your use of various time-sucking apps. While I completely deleted those social media apps, I still found myself wasting time on my phone. So, I put all of my apps into neat little folders to make it an extra tap or swipe to get to.

The extra bit of clicking and swiping helps me keep perspective on why I am picking up my phone and for what reason. I also love the fact that I can enjoy whatever wallpaper I’ve put up instead of it being covered by tons of apps.

In addition, I have almost all notifications turned off. Of course, notifications for calls and texts still exist, but you can see my phone apps and texting apps are neatly hidden away as well. YouTube is on the second page of one of the groups, too.

Think about your use of tech. Is it mindful or automatic? If you want to be a little more mindful of your use, try this idea out. Just put everything into folders and see if it reminds you a little to put your phone down. If anything, you might just be frustrated (I was at first) until you get used to using it less and less.

Now, isn’t that beach picture nice to look at?