Embracing Being a Jack of All Trades

It’s been awhile, almost a month, since I last posted here outside of the Lifelong Learning Podcast. I have been thinking deeply about how I would like to continue with this blog and my podcast. And, well, I’ve had an upper respiratory infection, too!

For over a decade now, I’ve been trying to get myself to focus in one area or another (photography, running, frugalmom$ter, etc.) in order to make my blog a successful money maker. To be honest, I was never good at focusing on one aspect of my life and only highlighting that. I’m still not.

It’s quite possible that’s why in over 10 years of blogging, I’ve yet to make any money from blogging directly; outside of booking freelance writing gigs or photography sessions when my blog focused solely on photography. I’m also not good with SEO (or previously wasn’t interested in it), but I’m learning!

I’ve always wanted to have a successful blog that paid the bills (or the costs of hosting), but I just cannot stick to a single script or subject area. I am a “Jack of All Trades” as my Mom always said, and I truly like being that way. I’m going to accept it.

Being a Jack of All Trades

I’m a complex person with passions that ebb and flow on a regular basis. From one day to the next, I don’t even think Chris can keep up with all the ideas I come across I want to learn more about or try out.

I enjoy sharing all the changes in my life, as well as the increased awareness in one area or another. I don’t find I enjoy writing on one subject solely, yet when I read more about “best practices in blogging” they recommend I start multiple blogs on all the subjects I am interested in.

I tried that several times in the past (Kate Nesi Photography, Running Kate, Frugal Mom$ter, etc.) and quickly found it to be daunting. All of those branch off projects ended with me returning back to one space and claiming my name, Kate Nesi, as the place for all I am doing or being in this life. Although I’ve never written about work as a librarian and probably should start adding that in, too.

Writing Daily

As I’ve thought about hiding away from the world of blogging and writing this past month because I’m “doing it wrong”, I’ve remembered how much I enjoyed writing daily and publishing without worry if the subject didn’t fit the narrative.

Years ago, I wrote every day for over two years straight. Those posts are sitting hidden right now on this blog, as I had deleted them during a second bout with post-partum depression and have since re-uploaded to eventually edit them back into the light of day. I did lose another few years of blogging content with my first bout of post-partum depression that is sitting in a printed book (no digital files left).

I enjoy writing and sharing my story, in the hopes that it inspires someone else in some way who stumbles across this blog. That’s what encouraged me to start the Lifelong Learning Podcast because I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a student of the world!

Why Blogging?

The reason I keep coming back to this space is that I own my blog and my story. I pay for hosting my own site, so therefore the content is within my control. Yipee!

Social media would make it much easier to be a Jack of All Trades, but I feel if you’re not paying for a service, you’re likely the one being sold.

I quit Facebook over 6 years ago and I am glad to have left that space behind with all the news swirling around. Instagram I enjoy but find I need to delete it when I get sucked back in; which seems like every time I add it back to my phone. It’s a time waster for me. Twitter no longer feels as enjoyable; much more negative. While I auto post this blog or podcast there, I don’t hop on much at all.

All of those spaces have changed over the years since I first used Myspace, then gravitated to Facebook before it was open to the public. Then joining Twitter in 2008; finding it fascinating with tweets, chats, and hashtags.

Since social media began, I’ve noticed them all take over moments in my life that I won’t be able to get back. I’d miss out on real conversations with friends or family because we’d just read each other’s news feeds and call that a friendship (or it would spark discontent with one another). So, while social media would make it easier to be a Jack of All Trades in bits and pieces, I much like coming here to delve a little deeper into whatever is on my mind.

We are social creatures, but I feel the lure of social media sometimes makes us believe we’re connecting when we may not be connecting as deeply with others. That is why I like dinners out, emails, podcast interviews (so fun!) or using an app Voxer to stay connected with friends via regular voice messages. It feels much more personal.

Just Write.

In the end, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m itching to write a bit more and share more of my story, wherever that road may lead.

It may just be a great photo I took or a quote I’m finding inspiration in, or just be a sentence! Who knows, but I’m not placing any requirements on myself anymore to focus on one area. It may not make sense as a part of a specific storyline, but it’ll be me. All me. Whoever and whatever I am learning, becoming, doing, or interested to share with you.

Thank you for continuing on this journey with me, no matter how discombobulated it gets. We are all complex people. While it’s awesome that so many writers can focus in one area, I feel comfortable being a Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

I have heard, you know, it’s far better than being a Master of One.