I’m on a 12 day Walking Streak!

About two months go, I purchased a Garmin Vivosport after a ton of research into GPS running watches and what would best fit my needs and desires. I liked it so much, I bought one for Chris too, hoping he’ll find it useful for bike rides this summer.

It’s been a great watch, with awesome battery life, and connects super quick to GPS outside when I use it. It’s a huge step up from my old Garmin Forerunner 10 that is slowly losing battery life at 5+ years old now. I am enjoying the Vivosport’s added heart rate monitoring and step counting features for regular wear, the longer battery life, and the slim profile. Plus, since it connects right to my phone it adds a bunch more useful features to my liking.

All that aside, the past two weeks for some strange reason I’ve finally decided to dedicate time to reaching my step goals each day. I’ve joined the Garmin Weekly Step Challenge before, but after finishing mid-pack a few times I turned that off for awhile. Recently, I added it back and have been winning each day/week with a purpose (going far above the challenge group goal).

I’m now on a streak of meeting my personal step goal 12 days in a row! I’ve been taking the extra steps, haha, to make sure I reach my daily goal set forth by Garmin by even walking on the treadmill at night after the kids go to bed. This means most days when I’d normally finish around 3,000 steps I am hitting over 10,000 steps to blast away the competition.

Since I haven’t been running regularly the past two months, this is making a big difference in the amount of energy I’m putting towards working out.

Being a Competitive Person

I like challenges and I’m pretty competitive when I get into it. With Garmin’s weekly walking challenge, I’ve been up against a few hardcore steppers who have almost gotten away from me. The awakening of that competitive muscle means I’ve been making tons of extra effort to walk more regularly and get ahead by thousands of steps when the opportunity arises. I will prevail oh stranger on the internet stepping against me!

This has been a fun personal experiment to do and I look forward to keeping the streak alive as long as possible. This was an easy decision to make. About 3 days in, I just decided that yes, I can reach my step goal every day. And bam, here I am walking at all times of the day to get as many steps as needed.

I love that Mr. 1500 has a goal of 6,000,000 steps for the year. I did the math on that and it is about 16,000+ steps per day. I thought, wow that might be a possibility for me as well, especially once I incorporate running back into my routine.

Permission to Walk

I told Chris recently that I am going to enjoy walking and getting those benefits and stop pressuring myself to run. I need some fat burning anyway, and walking will do a great job. Plus, I can easily fill a backpack with weighted items and call it a “ruck” or walk up the steep hills in our neighborhood for more of a challenge.

I signed up for a marathon this fall and while that intimidates me a bit, I also signed up to do a 10k the day before. Eeeek! What was I thinking?!

The combo of both days terrifies me. So, I decided I’m going to go forth with my Galloway marathon training plan, but plan to walk any distances I just don’t feel like running. As long as I build up the endurance for a 50k by the fall, I will be able to complete the races.

By giving myself this “permission” I hope I will complete both races. By telling you, now I am nervous I won’t! Though, I’ll be able to figure out the best pace for completing both races at a run/walk pace without feeling stressed and then overtraining or skipping them altogether.

That’s my goal for now. Just to walk every day, get in as many steps as possible, win those challenges, and add distance to the walks to follow my training plan. I feel though once the weather warms up it’ll be far easier to enjoy those runs again.

And I’ve been incorporating some weight lifting back into my life, which Monkey and Crab seem to enjoy lifting weights with me. I bought Crab 2lbs free weights since he seems to love mirroring me!

I like to Run, but I Don’t Like…

The other issue I’ve had with running post-childbirth has been leakage. I just absolutely hate wearing extra protection when it’s not that time of the month, but the leakage fluctuates depending on how hydrated I am. While I do Kegels regularly, (maybe I need to do more?) some days are just awful and uncomfortable. So, running just isn’t fun when all that is going down. I miss pre-childbirth body where I could sneeze, run, or even jump on a trampoline and just enjoy it. Mommas, are you with me?

I’ve been trying to find the right combo of running gear, but I know my spring/summer gear is just far more comfortable than anything I have in the winter. So, here’s to warmer temps getting me back out the door to run. If not, I’ll be out for a walk, most likely with my dogs.