RunAPalooza 5k Asbury Park Race Recap

So much for giving myself permission to walk! I guess I’m still a little competitive when it comes to running a race. This morning I completed the RunAPalooza 5k. I originally signed up for the half marathon, but like many spring half marathons in years past I wasn’t motivated enough to train for it in the cold winter months. I dropped to the 5k which I am happy with.

The race was great. I’ve run this one a few times and this year the entire 5k course was on the boardwalk which made it super enjoyable over running on the street. At the same time they have a marathon relay and half marathon going on throughout the local towns. It’s always a big crowd and I enjoy being a part of something bigger. I used to have a group who did the marathon relay, but we’ve fallen out of touch and some have stopped running. I hope maybe next year I can get someone to run with me, just so I have someone to meet up with before and after the race! I’m always the weird lady wandering around alone at these things. Post race refreshments are always good, well marked course, lots of volunteers, good cool weather, and decent expo if you’re interested.

I didn’t walk the entire race as I had given myself the option to do. Instead, with few runs under my belt as of the new year I just decided to run this one with some walk breaks thrown in. I finished in a very mid to back of the pack time of 37:58 minutes. Much better than I would have if I walked!

I tried to remind myself that running should feel hard in a race, but I just couldn’t get out of my jovial jog along and speed up at all. I enjoyed it and just kept trying to encourage my legs to go faster; spoiler! they didn’t listen. I never ran out of breath, I definitely need to try harder next time.

Speed-work Anyone?

After the race I came across the future race sign up table and saw they have a speed-work training class available next month. After mentioning it to Chris, who thought I should do it, I signed up.

It’s actually at the track at school I work at, so I hope my students don’t see me huffing it around the track. Either they’ll laugh at me or maybe it’ll give me librarian street cred. Either way, who cares? It’s just funny to know I’ll be running their track, hopefully after the sports teams are done for the day!

I’m so overweight right now for my own comfort and I need to switch things up quite a bit. I attempted to focus on fermented foods the past few months to help me lose weight and I ended up gaining 10lbs! So, I’ve put my Kefir on ice and I’m enjoying non-dairy milk again. I also bought a juicer that is coming this weekend and I’m excited to get back into juicing again. I used to use one years ago and gave it away when we had kids.

Here’s to getting just a touch faster. I’d be happy getting back to my standard 10:00 miles, just because the math is super easy for split times! Now I’m off to buy Monkey his first official pair of running shoes, as he is signed up for a running training in May, too!