Hello Instagram, My Old Friend

If you’ve hung around me for awhile, or read this blog in the past year, you’ll know I have a deep love/hate relationship with social media. I love it for the connections I make, but I hate when it creeps into my life. At times, it makes me unhappy that I’m not “successful” like everyone I see around the interwebs. I dislike when I start to check my phone too often for those little dopamine hits, “Oh, you really liked me!” or when the notifications distract me from other important real life matters.

Over the years, I’ve dabbled back and forth with Twitter and Instagram, leaving Facebook completely to never return, like what – 6 or 7 years ago now? Despite the ever-growing inspiring FB groups I could be a part of, I have put my foot firmly down to not return to that space.

Hiya Instagram! Bye.

Last year, I tried using Instagram to inspire me to keep training for the fall Atlantic City Half Marathon and complete it. It was hard to be “accountable” and embarrassing to post such slow run times. I kept going because I wanted to finish and I was inspired by many of those I follow on the ol’ IG. Right after the race, I slowed and stopped my use of IG. I deleted it and took a break. I was no longer motivated to run and felt lame since I wasn’t posting glorious curated runs every week.

Oh, Are You on Social Media?

Then I arrived at the Lola Retreat. Everyone was connecting via social media to keep in touch. I told most people to check out my IG as if I was going to show up anywhere more regularly that would be where. I embraced IG over the Lola weekend and decided that I will return to it as my social media platform of choice going forward.

I mean, look at those millions of followers… I’ve got to keep them happy.

And Twitter?

I will always have a Twitter account, but that mostly reposts my blog posts or other retweet features. I don’t spend nearly much time at all there, checking in online occasionally to see if I have any notifications. While at one time I loved Twitter for connections, since I am more of a visual person and am planning a return to my photography roots, I feel IG is the best fit for me.


I do love to remove my old posts on Twitter. While I have been on Twitter since 2008 when I attended the Internet|Librarian Conference in Monterey, California, I have deleted my tweets regularly! I just like to clean up the past and leave most of it on my blog.

I use TweetDelete.net to clean it off on a regular basis. Over time it’s deleted at 30 days to currently I have it set to 365 days after I tweet. For me, most of the tweets aren’t that important after the fact. They are more useful in the here and now. Do you feel the same? I never looked back at old tweets, but that’s just me.

Reviving @KateNesi on Instagram

This past winter I archived all of my IG posts, but this weekend when I got home I unarchived everything. What I lived through, accomplished, or failed at is real. Why not keep sharing those things, historically or present day?

Also, it wasn’t a ton to unarchive, because I only started back on IG in 2017 again after deleting my accounts entirely many years ago. I dabbled back with a hyphenated name which annoyed me within those years, but upon my recent 2017 return, I managed to get my original name (@katenesi) back, whoop whoop!

Also, I found that so many of the people I meet are on IG and it’s an easy place to keep in contact with people from various conferences. Sure, I’m definitely behind the curve on all the new IG features that keep changing (re. Story Highlights?) but I’ll learn or just ignore those features.

The Future @KateNesi on IG

If I wasn’t all over the place and stuck with these things I was an early adopter of years ago, I probably would be a social media genius. Instead, since having children I deleted everything time and again, afraid to connect and be seen. I feel as though motherhood really messed with my ability to reach out to the world. Photography helped push me outside my boundaries, but now I feel confident I can return with a little more truth, honesty, and without fear.

I plan to share regular IG posts recommending posts on my blog, as well as, regular life and what I’m learning or experiencing. Much like this blog, but I may end up there a little more often just because it’s easier to post a quick photo or snippet vs. writing an entire post.

In addition, I will probably post here quite a bit more often as I’m feeling more confident in my writing, and also share more photographic images, or gallery posts. It may not always be the wordy gal you come for, but I hope you enjoy the eye candy in the process.

There you have it…

My love/hate with social media continues, but with a plan of action like IG images for podcast episodes, blog posts, or running I feel like I won’t let it take over my life. I hope.

Come back in a few months when I quit again, haha.