Photographs from My Archive: Monterey, California

In the process of deciding to rejoin Instagram, and rebuilding my photography business, I have been spending time digging through my archives enjoying old photos I’ve taken on various trips. I’m sharing a bunch over on IG, follow me there.

Prior to having kids, I was known to have a DSLR camera with me at all times. I wasn’t a smartphone user back then and actually have only had a smartphone with a fancy camera for a little over a year now.

In a not so distant past, I diligently photographed entire days worth of experiences. It’s been quite enjoyable to look back at all of those moments and I pine for the return of carrying my nicer camera everywhere again. I used to care little when I’d whip it out, but now I’m self-conscious about everything these days. Another decision to push me outside of my comfort brick walls.

Oftentimes, for awhile I never edited photos I took and instead focused on getting the best image right out of the camera. Here are some images I took while on a professional development trip back in 2008 to Monterey, California for my old integrated technology librarian position. I attended Internet Librarian, a highly recommended conference if you’re in the library/tech field.

Almost metallic in nature.

Love this shot. I need to hang it on my wall somewhere.

The most beautiful moments were on two whale watching trips. I had never, and haven’t gone on one again, to see whales and let me tell you, it was amazing. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend it. Being out in the middle with whales feeding and riding right up alongside the tiny boat in comparison is phenomenal.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a beautiful sight to go see out there as well. I believe I went through there twice on our trip, too. Gorgeous sea life I don’t experience on the east coast as much.

There will be more from the archives coming, as well as what I’m learning these days. Enjoy the beautiful imagery, I know I am.