Solve Your Sunburn with a Homegrown Aloe Vera Plant

This is a quick note to show you that it’s super easy to grow an Aloe Vera plant and keep it alive. If I can do it, you can, too.

I bought this aloe plant a little over a year ago. It was a small one from Home Depot and I picked it up not knowing anything about taking care of them. All I knew was I had aloe in a bottle from our honeymoon in my fridge (ten years old) and I probably should find another way to solve future sunburns.

So, I bought a plant and made a wish.

This plant never was/is well cared for. I put it in a pot outside last summer and last fall I moved it into another pot inside. I barely watered it, and rarely do now. This little guy turned big seems to be flourishing regardless of how bad it’s treated.

I don’t even keep it near a window but it does get sunlight indirectly from a doorway. I rearrange my plants enough it seems to be happy.

I did a little research and apparently aloe plants are hard to kill. No wonder it’s flourishing in my house!

Anyway, I spent a day on a boat with Pirates and kindergarteners. I had a blast, but I was reminded why adults should put their air-masks on first. I made sure Monkey was well covered in mineral sunscreen (trying the natural sunscreen this year) and even Crab got in on the creaming up. Though Crab never stepped outside today until we all went to the park after school!

I digress. I put sunscreen on my arms and most of my face, but in a rush I forgot my neck entirely. Mom win! No kids were burned in the writing of this post, but I was.

Side note: the mineral sunscreen was impressive. Monkey and I are still white as a ghost after all day on a boat and outdoors with one application. It felt different and weird with whiteish film on our skin, but it works!

So, what did I do? Broke off a piece of my plant, stripped it down the side and slathered it on. A few minutes later and my skin no longer hurts and should feel better by tomorrow. Usually aloe works well for my skin.

In the end, get yourself an aloe plant. They are super easy to take care of and are always ready in a pinch to fix your sunburn problems. In addition, they clean the air well and provide something pretty to look at.

This is a super inexpensive way to have this stuff on hand. I may have to look into other uses for it. Don’t people drink it these days?

Tomorrow I’ll probably take a page out of Diane Keaton’s style book from Book Club and wear a stylish scarf.

The movie was funny, but not laugh out loud funny for me. I was just happy to get out of the house, sit in a comfortable recliner and watch something uninterrupted. It might be another year before I get to do that again!

What movies have you seen lately? Book Club, and before that Wonder Woman

What movies do you plan to see? Life of the Party, Oceans 8, whatever Justice League one comes out next

Do you go to the movies or watch them at home? We typically don’t make the time to watch much at home, so we try for date nights to go out to see a movie.