Second Jobs or Side Hustles?

Ever since the Lola Retreat, I’ve been working hard on ideas for side hustles and how to create multiple sources of income. I do currently have a little income on the side, but I’d like to find a way for that to grow to mainly support my hobbies and interests as it used to with my photography business. So…

I’m Reopening My Photography Side Business

This summer I plan to relaunch my photography business in a slightly different fashion. I’ll be more in control of my time, but I am not sure how quickly the business will return to the level it was when I left it behind almost two years ago. I’m fearful the local scene is too saturated to return to.

Only time will tell, but since I have a fresh head about it, I know this go around I’ll enjoy it a bit more than I did when I burnt out. It is a creative venture and I’m keeping that in mind, instead of trying to scale it up and grow it large. It’s okay to be small and start small.

Quitting the Second Job

I’ve decided to put myself fully into the on-call pool in my second job instead of taking on a specific hourly schedule later this year. After an awakening at Lola, I realized it wasn’t where my heart is at this time.

The second job provided some stability in a time where I just needed to show up and do the assigned work for a little extra income. As I’ve come out of the transition postpartum and beyond the learning of food intolerances, I feel more confident and ready to beat my own path yet again. So…

I’m taking on a new type of Side Hustle

Later this summer I’m looking forward to a venture in an on-going side hustle capacity. It’ll more than replace the lost income from the second job, and I won’t even have to leave home!

I will be helping to support the growth of a friend’s business virtually which has an air of excitement. Considering I have spoken with my friend on a daily basis about her business since she started over a decade ago, it all came together at just the right time.

I mentioned my desire after Lola to quit my second job and move back into side hustles. She mentioned she was just in need of someone to handle a certain part of her business, one of which we both know I’m good at.

Tada! We’ll complement each other well and I look forward to helping her grow. I’ll share more once we get started.

New Project Ideas

I’m currently working on a new project that will be a website and a mindset to support others in my primary career. I haven’t decided how I want to present it to the world just yet, so I’m taking my time in building it and making it my own. I hope to launch in the next year and grow a tribe that helps and encourages each other in that area.

All of this is not without deep thought…

I’ve been side hustling for almost a decade now and while it’s afforded me a lot of material items, reaching debt-freedom goals, and opportunities, I’m wondering if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. Is it worth all the extra time, learning, and investment?

My instinctual answer: Yes.

Side hustles, ideas, projects, and helping others all make my life more full and enjoyable. I don’t know a time in my life where I didn’t have ambitions, ideas, or dreams to explore.

Over time it’s shifted from getting this degree or achieving that level of education to just trying something new and failing, or trying and quitting often. I no longer look to standard ways of learning and open myself up to any new knowledge however it may be delivered. Though, I’m a sucker for non-fiction books.

I feel like most of my extra time is spent doing so many projects and coming up with ideas that I wonder what life is like when you just do one thing…

If you only have one job or one focus, how do you spend the rest of your time? Naps sound nice. With the virtual work, I’ll be able to plan a better running schedule, too.

2 thoughts on “Second Jobs or Side Hustles?

  1. i used to have a second income which was mega overtime at my primary job. it helped a lot in getting out of debt and saving gobs of money but ran its course. i took a little pay cut to move from shift work to regular hours and at the same time mrs. me’s job ended last year. now we have tons of time on our hands. similar to what you mentioned, mrs. smidlap didn’t just sit still and works very part time for a friend’s business. that time flexibility is key for us. i’ve been trying to learn to navigate digital marketing for her art work. it’s hard to just sell originals in a small market. good luck with the new ventures. i’ll be checking in.

  2. Thanks for sharing and stopping by Freddy! Yes, the second incomes are awesome when you’re paying down debt, but once beyond that it’s trying to find the best life-work balance. The art sounds exciting, I’ve heard that Patreon combined with Tumblr or IG promotion and local art sales have worked well for artists I know. Maybe an avenue to check out!

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