What I Accomplished in 2017

This was a post that has been sitting in my drafts since December 31, 2017. Yes, I’m a little slow sometimes when it comes to writing. I get nervous. I get scared. I hide behind large objects.

Well, here I am to recap 2017. Midway through 2018. They say it’s never too late, right? It’s probably a bit too late on this one.

Regardless, I’m trying to write for a straight 20 days to break the cycle of shying away from writing. That’ll set me on June 18th. Then I’ll be taking a short break before returning in July.


In 2017, I fully discovered and committed to the Jeff Galloway Method of Run Walk Run. I reached my half marathon goal after 10 years since the first half marathon. That’s a win in my book, despite not running much since then. Hey, I’m working on it… I have been set on a plan now to walk regularly and lift weights. In July, I’ll add back in the RwR and just enjoy it for the enjoyments sake.

Dietary Changes

Man, 2017 was a whopper of a year for figuring out food intolerances via the Elimination Diet, and changing the entire way I look at food, consume food, where I will eat out, what I will eat, and how I consider all that goes into my body.

I have since given up Gluten and Eggs as primary offenders to my system. I’ve been far better off for it. It has been super difficult, but well worth the effort now a year later looking back.

Shockingly, with all of this knowledge, I gained a fair amount of weight. Blerg. I am not a lucky celebrity dieter who goes gluten-free to get healthy and lose weight. Instead, nope, my body went wild packing on the pounds even though this completely changed my entire body and mind by riding myself of this protein. Can I ever get an easy win in this area of fitness and health??

Learned New Ways to Cook

From the experience above, I had to completely relearn how to bake, cook, and eat. I learned how to work with various non-gluten containing flours (sans barley, rye, or wheat). In addition, the hardest part of gluten-free life has been to remove eggs.

Almost every company uses eggs or egg whites to replace gluten in baked or prepared foods. Every time someone was being nice picking me up a gluten-free roll or specialty item, I’d have to find a way to either take allergy pills ahead of time in order to be polite or just not consume it. It stinks!

Therefore, I’d say 90% of my food must be made at home. Unless it’s Mexican. I love a good corn tortilla, salsa, and chicken. Thankfully, Mexican food can be easily made devoid of gluten and eggs.

If you need a great egg replacement, check out Aquafaba (i.e. chickpea water). It’s been my saving grace for over a year now. My mother-in-law is my primary supplier since she eats canned chickpeas daily.


For the first time, we made some headway on our mortgage goals, we stocked up savings for our emergency fund, fully-funded IRAs and even opened an account to put money into VTSAX. How’s that for a {hashtag} winning year? It’s the first year we’ve come through where we finally felt a little ahead of the game, but of course, there is far more game to play on the way to financial independence.

Started a Podcast

I can’t believe I actually started a podcast last August. It amazes me that I have been putting out episodes regularly for almost a year now. It has been such an enjoyable journey, not without anxiety, difficulty, and a learning curve.

Check it out! Many more fun interviews to come through the fall of this year!

Did my first podcast interview!

With the above said, I also did my first podcast interview in 2017! How amazing is that? Luckily, my friend Liz went easy on me. It was a fun experience and obviously one I’ve continued doing. Each interview I feel I learn more and get better at interviewing others.

Met a longtime internet friend in DC!

And not to leave out one of the highlights of 2017: I met my friend Liz in person! We had been friends online for over a decade but never got together. I’m afraid of strangers…

I’ve since learned to open up my horizons in the area of talking to strangers and boy have I met a lot of amazing people. I even attended an entire weekend in NYC with not one person I ever met, read about, or knew of before walking into the room.

Who is that Kate?!

Looking back on all that I accomplished last year, I am feeling very good about myself. Prior to writing this up this week I was feeling pretty low. I have been overweight since having Crab almost 3 years ago (I can no longer blame him for the ‘baby weight’) and running has been hard.

In general, I have been nervous to meet new people and just wanting to crawl back into my shell the past few weeks, at an odd season of the year, Spring. Normally, this time of year I bloom and this year, it’s taking a little extra time.

While this post may not be as exciting as it would have been in January when everyone was writing recaps, I’d say better late than never, right?

What did you accomplish in 2017 that you may have forgotten about? I forgot I did many of the above things, they seem so long ago!

2 thoughts on “What I Accomplished in 2017

  1. Ugh, I hated Galloway. As a 3:48 marathoner to run that the G way meant I had to run 3:30 for the parts I actually ran. That’s crazy talk! I can’t run that fast! So I never made it to Boston, but I did run 7 sub 4 hour marathon’s. And that’s enough…

  2. It’s all personal preference. For faster runners, I don’t think they turn to Galloway to get faster or improve times. Every training method has it’s a place for various goals. Had you ever attempted the G way with training? I find while I do run faster on the run portions, the walk portion makes a tremendous difference in my ability to keep that pace later in the race. Good for you for sub 4 marathons!

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