Creating a More Capsule-Like Wardrobe

I’m not one who will commit to owning only 33 pieces of clothing. I run, I hike, I paddleboard and between all of those activities, plus so many other obligations, it’s unfathomable to me to limit my wearable options to a total number.

Over the years, I have cleaned out my closet time and again, and have narrowed down my shoes to about 4-6 pairs that don’t include an additional 2-4 pairs of running shoes or specialty footwear for certain activities. To me, that’s quite impressive when I think when Chris and I first bought a home I may have had about 30 pairs of shoes or sneakers, plus sandals, too.

Accepting Reality

This spring I finally realized that it may take some time for me to lose the baby weight from Crab who will be 3 this summer! It hasn’t been an easy journey, and I’m giving myself permission to enjoy the body I am in while I work toward the one I would feel more comfortable in.

With that said, I had previously put many smaller clothes in bins but they took up a lot of space in my closet. As I read more about capsule wardrobes and have always wanted to have a color scheme for my clothing, I put those bins in the attic and opted to update a few key pieces of clothing in my closet for a more streamlined look.

Cleaning Out

Then, I cleaned out current clothing in my size that I just wasn’t happy with anymore. Either it fit awkward with the tummy I have or just poked me in the wrong areas. I have those in a giant box ready to sort and donate. With what was left, I found I needed to find 1-2 pairs of well-fitting shorts, 1-2 pairs of well-fitting jeans, and several short sleeved and long sleeved solid tops that fit more comfortably.

I went through the hoops of stores, online shopping, and finding what felt the best on my body and how I looked. I ended up getting a few pairs of JAG jeans and shorts which aren’t inexpensive (but I snagged one jeans pair for $7 at Sierra Trading Post), and with how much they’ll be worn I’m satisfied by the cost.

While going through my wardrobe I realized that most of the items I regularly wear are at least 7-8 years old at this point. Over the years I put in a few new tops or whatnot, but really I haven’t spent a whole bunch on clothing since I had children. Doing a one-year no clothes buying challenge helped, too.

Costs to Update

In the end, I spent around $800 in the past few months (that includes some clothes for the kids and shoes for them, too). I picked up for myself 2 new pairs of running sneakers, 2 pairs of boating shoes for our travels, 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of shorts, 8-10 tops and probably 2-3 pairs of shoes for the kids and pjs plus clothes for my bigger guy.

Overall, it sounds like a lot, but knowing these items will be with me for possibly another 6-7 years it doesn’t sound so bad. With buying the JAG jeans that pull-on, they are comfortable, but they will also fit for awhile as I go down a size or two in the coming year. A win-win in my book.

How do you handle your clothing options? Do you focus on a certain color or scheme? Or just buy what’s on sale? I’ve slowly changed over to grays, browns, blues, and whites for my color schemes and brighter clothes for running. I look more for quality vs. clearance low-cost items.