Podcasts I’m Listening to

I listen to a lot of podcasts! Over time I try new ones and then they either get left by the wayside or they become a part of my regular subscriptions and routine. Who knew I’d eventually become a big NPR fan through their podcasts. Growing up listening to NPR or talk radio (heck, even sports radio) was a nerdy or strange thing to do in the car, but here I am… full-on nerd and loving it.

How I listen

Update: I use the Overcast app to listen to and manage my podcast overload.

They offer an AH-Mazing Smart Speed feature that saves tons of time listening to a podcast. Also, the voice boost is great, and the organization is phenomenal.

Ever lose all your podcasts to a phone reset or crapping out?! To top it all off, on Overcast your podcasts live in the cloud so you easily can move from computer to device and pick up where you left off. AND you know what you’ve already listened to even after deleting episodes.

Definitely check it out, worth the free download and even monetary support.

My Favorite Podcasts of the Moment

Here is a list of my go-to podcasts in alphabetical order:

Akimbo: A Podcast from Seth Godin

If you love Seth’s blog, you’ll enjoy his podcast as well. A few episodes in, I asked a question and was on his show! Now, it appears my name “Katelyn” is in the audio clip when introducing the listener question segments. That’s always fun to hear, and know I had Seth’s ear for about 0.5 seconds of his life!

Art of Manliness

I originally introduced Chris to the blog of the same title when it first started. Since then, it has evolved into a wonderful podcast and a great place to keep up as a lifelong learner. I am always amazed at all of the guests he has on, how often episodes come out, and the work he puts into the show. It’s a great listen for men and women alike.


Great storytelling about true story criminal cases. From stealing bark in national forests to old stories of family crimes. Well produced and enjoyable to sink into a story with.

Freakonomics Radio

This was my first intro into podcasts and they produce amazing shows with unique ideas all surrounding an economists point of view. If you liked their book, you’ll love their podcast.

Hidden Brain

Always an interesting episode, but they do rebroadcast episodes. I will skip over episodes I’ve heard before, but they never cease to introduce me to the workings of the brain throughout life.

How I Built This

A wonderful show about the founders of many businesses and companies I have come to enjoy products from. The back stories are quite fascinating and they include new businesses at the end of what other people are currently building.

The Indicator from Planet Money

A quick show to bring you indicators about the market or other areas related to finance. It’s nice to listen to, funny at times, and informative.

Planet Money

If you’re into finance, this is a great podcast to listen to. Always full of stories and information that affects money, markets, finance, and the economy.

The Mom Hour

I don’t listen to every episode these days, but they have amazing information and support for moms at all stages of raising children. Chris and I have listened together to episodes in the car which have helped us get through some parenting questions. Oftentimes a great resource for all parents.

Running for Real

Recently, I started to listen to this show because I was bored with some other running podcasts that seemed to put in half an episode of advertisements for their business or other companies. Tina keeps it real and has had on many inspirational guests.

Stay Tuned with Preet

A colleague introduced me to this show and it has been a real learning journey all about the court systems, our justice system, and all things legal surrounding modern day events. I never knew so much about how judges are appointed or what really goes on in the political sphere of our courts. It also helps bring to light more understanding of the storylines on Billions, too.

TED Radio Hour & TED Talks Daily

Both excellent podcasts. The TED Radio Hour puts together a talk or two that they explore further with a conversation with the speaker and other research. TED Talks Daily is the actual talks they put out daily in audio form. I love them because you can gain serious knowledge in 15 minutes or less and don’t have to be in front of a computer to watch. If you like TEDtalks, you’ll enjoy both.

This American Life

Each week they combine three different stories across the country that share a similar theme. Always a surprising angle or topic idea that makes it enjoyable. His voice is just soothing as you learn about the good and bad events that happen in people’s lives in our country.

This is Love

Started by those who created Criminal, it has been a delightful positive podcast about love and longing. It hasn’t come out very often, so I somewhat like that it pops up randomly in my feed to enjoy a story about love in our world.

Up First

Great way to get a quick snippet of the news. Keeps me updated without having to watch or read the news regularly, but if there is something I am interested in I can pursue further knowledge.

Honorable Mentions

Here are honorable mentions that I keep on my podcast list (but not regularly subscribed) if my subscriptions are all cleaned out (which is rare!):

House of #EdTech

Chris’ podcast on all thins Edtech.

Lifelong Learning Podcast

Yours Truly… I listen to every episode, but since I make it I didn’t want it to be right at the top above!


A colleague introduced this to me as well, interesting stories for sure.

On Being

I’ve found some episodes resonate, others I move on from. I love their passion for human existence.

The One You Feed

This show has helped me tremendously through depression and sadness. I found it when I was working in a horrible situation and it helped me make it through alive some days. I highly recommend this show if you experience depression. I’ve learned a lot about how to better care for myself, learning from other’s life journeys, and his mini-episodes are helpful, too.


A fun show about all things fashion from an upcoming guest on my show!


Great tips for anyone who blogs or enjoys their blog on becoming a better blogger. I jump in and out with topics I am interested in learning more about.

Royal Caribbean Podcast

I found this recently and downloaded all of the episodes that apply to our situation as we head out on a cruise this summer. I may keep listening because the music is fun, the topics are fun, and thinking about vacations are fun!


An excellent show about entrepreneurship and future goals in education. Amazing guests and always great content and conversation.

Stuff You Should Know

Where else to go for more lifelong learning than this fun podcast on all sorts of topics! Definitely, have learned quite a bit, but since I have other priority podcasts I pop in here time to time to see what else I want to learn about.

Your Turn

What podcasts do you listen to and why? I love all of the above for various reasons and they have served me well at different points in my life’s journey!

4 thoughts on “Podcasts I’m Listening to

  1. There is no way to list them all, I just counted 172 that I subscribe to! However I only put the titles of the individual episodes on my play lists that sound interesting so I probably only hit maybe 10% of my downloads. I do have several of your favorites on the list though. I’m impressed that you, Kate, are listening to the Art of Manliness. I enjoy that one too and I know Brett loves having female listeners! I wonder if he knows he has such an accomplished blogger listening?

  2. I’m glad to see someone is subscribed to way too many podcasts like I am. I have a lot of Slate podcasts and comedy shows, some music, some science… really too many, and all different lengths so I’ve ended up having specific times when I listen to them. I set aside three hours a week to do little but listen to my favorite comedy show, The Best Show, usually listen to Stuff You Should Know while cooking, Planet Money or other 20-30 minute shows while doing chores, one of my hour-long shows while on my lunchtime walk, the Slate Political Gabfest during the Friday commute, Slate Money while driving around doing Saturday chores…

    And I looove Preet. Preet is my man and Stay Tuned is fantastic. But I still hope we get him elected state AG in New York, which would mean an end to the podcast.

  3. Those are some awesome podcasts I’ll have to check out! Slate Money sounds like something I may enjoy. I used to have a 1.5 hour commute time each day, but I MMMed my life and work a few miles away. So, now my listening is set to times I go for an hour walk or run, doing the dishes, or the quick 10-minute car rides without the kiddos. So much information to learn (and truly enjoy!) via podcasts! Thanks for sharing!

  4. WOW! 172 shows! I thought I had a lot 🙂 I typically will delete shows over time if I haven’t added them to my listening list, but normally I just unsubscribe and check in on them every once in awhile to add whatever episodes to my “All Episodes” list that I have automatically prioritize.

    I use Overcast (awesome free app for podcasting organization and cutting the extra silences out – Smart Speed is amazing!). I probably should add that to the post, too!

    Thanks for thinking I’m so accomplished, I don’t feel like I’ve done much, but I definitely enjoy learning and AoM has been an amazing place to be introduced to so many subjects!

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