Kicking Off Summer Vacation

School ended last week for me, and the rest of my family is finished tomorrow. Summer is officially here, and not a moment too soon! I definitely needed this recovery period after the year I’ve had, so it’s been a welcome opportunity to refresh even after just a few days.

Next week, I’m excited to have a few guest posts coming up. If you’re interested in submitting a guest post idea, just fill out this form.

We have a few exciting projects ahead of us this summer. Well, nevermind, they aren’t exciting, but they are items we’ve wanted to cross off our list for some time now. We’re planning some repainting projects, and to finally finish up our family room in some sort of nautical decor style. We also want to paint and redo the boys’ rooms to be a little more polished looking. A wall of vacuum portraits is in order.

The more I think about it though, the more I’d like to push it off another year. With two crazy kiddos, the painting will surely be an adventure. One room at a time, right?

In addition to home renovations, I am deciding if I want to tackle a new challenge in the area of fitness. Running hasn’t been on the top of my list lately. I may have been disheartened from the speed class I dropped from (it was partially my lack of ability plus scheduling changes due to rained out sessions that caused that decision).

I started up a few weeks of the new change in focus and boy was I sore. I’ll share more in a few weeks once I get my act together. I am in need of dropping weight, it’s getting to be super uncomfortable, and I am also seeking out medical support through bloodwork to see if anything is causing this gain I can’t seem to escape from in the past few months.

We shall see what is ahead, but enough about me.

What are your summer plans?

2 thoughts on “Kicking Off Summer Vacation

  1. we’re having our house painted in a week or two. i can’t wait to have it done and the big expenses out of the way. we’re trying to get to the ocean, maybe maine during mid-week in july and boston to visit friends with a frugal guest room! enjoy the weekend.

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