We Took a Real Vacation.

Chris and I took a weeklong cruise to the Bahamas last week and we’re enjoying the relaxation it brought and now are diving right into home projects this summer. Yes, we finally took a real vacation…

I’m going to take a break from writing here for awhile, as I just don’t feel that I have much to say these days.

It’s summer. We’re outdoors. I missed the kiddos on our trip and am spending tons of time with them now that we are back. It was 10 years between true vacations for Chris and me, and one without kids no less. It was wonderful, but also not what I had expected. I never cruised before, am terrified of Titanic like drownings, and all that goes with being out in the middle of the ocean at night. I’m sure one day I’ll share more, but for now, I’d rather get back outside.

If you want to hear a little more about our vacation, as well as my thoughts on social media, check out Chris’ podcast House of #EdTech where we sit down to have a social media debate conversation.

As for now, enjoy this sunrise on the last day of our cruise. I woke up at 4:30 am to watch the boat dock across from the Manhattan skyline. It was beautiful, peaceful, and I couldn’t wait to get back on dry land… just a little.

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  1. Thanks Freddy! Yes, we spent the last 10 years getting out of debt and only driving to Florida to visit family. So, it’s been a long trek to enjoy debt freedom and real vacations again!

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