Wheels plus a Bicycle Strap for the SUP mean more Paddling

Last year, I purchased a Standup Paddleboard after much internal debate. After taking a lesson, I loved doing it and set out on a search for the lightest I could afford.

I always enjoyed kayaking, but I wanted the flexibility of taking the board out by myself (a kayak I would need some help with) and also to be able to stand or sit as I wanted. Plus, a Standup Paddleboard would provide me a bit more overall body strength training which I desperately need.

Last year, I put the board mainly on my car to travel the 1/4 mile to the water with Monkey in tow. While Chris designed me a wheel cart for the board, it would slip and slide a bit and fall off my bike.

This year, I finally took my board down after our vacation and was determined to find a better way to bring it down by bike. I wanted to take it to the water via my bike for energy savings a la less gas used, but also it’s far easier to get closer to the dock and not have to hoist it off or back on a car afterward. With knowing I wouldn’t have to save strength to get it back on a car, I could paddle for much longer!

I found many cart contraptions or trailers made, but I already had wheels for my board that worked just fine. Luckily, after searching for a bit I found SUP wheels’ bicycle strap. It hitched to the lower wheels and goes the length of the board to strap around a bike seat or be handheld.

Thankfully, I was able to find it sold separately from the wheel carts which add over $100 to the price. Chris made my cart for under $50 I believe with PVC (the wheels were pricey).

And magically it all worked well. I got a few thumbs up riding down to the water from drivers.

Monkey still came with me, but he ran next to my bike the entire way. He’s still practicing learning to ride a bike so I didn’t feel comfortable yet having him on a set of wheels I wasn’t able to easily help him with.

We weren’t out very long when we spied Crab and Chris out on a bike ride across a bridge nearby. So, we paddled over to say hello. As we headed back to the dock, Chris and Crab met us there and I invited Crab to try his first voyage out in the open water.

He loved it! So, now I have two paddling buddies, though I probably won’t take Crab out much or very far until next year. Fingers crossed I can get Chris interested in a board next year and then we all can go out as a family!

That’s what’s new with me, what’s new with you this summer? I’m thankful I will get out more knowing how much easier it is to strap the board to my bike, ride down, paddle for awhile, and easily bring it back. I had tried to rent a dock space, but they were all rented this year. Now, I won’t need to!

4 thoughts on “Wheels plus a Bicycle Strap for the SUP mean more Paddling

  1. Katie, we applaud your efforts as this is how we started out. Good use of the SUP Wheels Strap Handle and glad it worked out for your application.

    If you find an issue with the durability of the PVC frame and small wheels, you only need to get the SUP Wheels Classic and keep using the same Strap Handle. We hope you have get many miles of use with your system and the “little Monkey” enjoys it too.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! Yes, I probably will get the wheels in the future as things wear out, but since my husband built it I definitely wanted to get good use out of the great wheelset!

  3. Thanks! It actually is pretty decent to balance on, you buy a board that fits your level. So, the wider the easier it is to balance. Now, there are times I hit the deck when boats fly by, but so far so good. Haven’t fallen yet!

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