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Oftentimes this summer I’ve caught myself deep in thought as to the point of writing for this blog, as well as putting together the podcast. When I started this blog venture oh so many years ago, I thought maybe I would eventually turn into one of those overnight successes and be able to step away from full-time work to be an amazing freelance writer or photographer or some other sort of producer. 

Along the way, I found that I am no good at picking one direction and sticking with it. I get bored easily and love to continually learn. While this has helped me in so many aspects of life, it doesn’t do so well to be the successful blogger and bring in secondary or primary income from one’s writing.

I’ve never put in the effort to learn a ton about SEO or focused solely on writing to make money. As you can see from my messy site with Google Ads that annoy even myself when I wander around my blog.

This summer, I’ve been examining what the purpose is of writing. What am I writing about? Why am I sharing it? Where do I want to take my writing?

I have been horrendous at keeping a schedule for writing since my kiddos have gotten older and demand far more of my attention. Any concept of writing regularly is out the window because, for me, time with them is more important than the time spent here. Especially since it costs me money to be here, yet after several years I still haven’t garnered enough in Adsense to make a withdrawal…

Plus, I like to go to bed early. So, no late nights up writing for me (aside from this post).

When I started blogging, it was for a photography business and the focus was on my images. Over the years, that has waned, as my blog didn’t bring me the business (it came from word of mouth) and most clients never even knew I had a blog! With that, I shifted to writing about money, and a variety of other topics.

Right now, I’m feeling a bit lost.

At the start, I had a focus and a reason to write. It was a journal of sorts, but also for imagery. At one time I wrote a lot about Monkey and our daily lives, but that felt strange to me. I didn’t like exploiting all that was happening around me on a regular basis and thus removed that portion of my site many years ago. The focus changed yet again from on my child and personal life, back out to generalities and keeping the internet at arm’s length.

It feels good to have this blog still out here, but also good to know that all that occurs in my daily life isn’t something I need to share.

I have no idea where this blog is headed, but I do know it’ll probably never make me much money. The focus can’t be on income while writing here, otherwise, I’ll just be disappointed as I have been for years. I’m always searching for an avenue to head down, and haven’t yet found it.

I enjoy writing about so many topics, but also about learning about so much more. I am not sure I have much of a readership (thank YOU for coming!) because I am no good at being singly focused. Here again, a post all over the place with intentions to write more frequently and maybe in shorter bursts.

I toyed with the idea of changing up my site to a microblogging sort of space. Where I can drop in, share a photo, a quote, or something short, and pop back out into the real world. I’m left wondering if that may be a better direction to encourage more running and cooking related posts?

I made the best gluten-free pizza crust to date this week. It’s phenomenal.

Alas, that format leaves no room for ads… but are the ads even worth the effort?

Lots to think about. Considering my time and energy into the podcast as well. I enjoy the conversations, but it is A LOT of work to put together, edit, and publish.

How about you? Do you focus solely in one area of writing?

Does it drive you crazy you never know what’ll pop up here on my blog?

4 thoughts on “[Intentionally Left Blank]

  1. i enjoy your content, kate. it never feels like i’m a target audience and being marketed to. on my page i’m just having fun and doing some personal finance/ investing writing and trying to kick around ideas or expand on things i’ve read. i really wanted to learn about this blog thing so i would know enough that if i wrote about my wild days in nola i would know what i was doing for that. it cost about 100 bucks for 3 years hosting and i’ll decide more when that term is up. i might end up fading away and just be happy interacting in the comments of other peoples’ sites. i hope you keep writing.

  2. Kate, I love your work! It is fun to see what is going to show up next. You have so much talent, but I realize this space is just plain hard to monetize. I never plan on even trying to make money from a blog. But I do not need an income and even if I did my paid side gigs are very profitable (and have nothing to do with blogging). Those of us who are your faceless friends in this community would all want you to do what is right for you, because you deserve it. Or maybe I should just resort to shameless begging. Don’t leave us Kate! You are just having one of those quarter life crisis things!

  3. Thanks so much Steve! It probably is a quarter life crisis that keeps coming back around. I am so thankful to have support from you! I definitely make money from side gigs and my main salary, so I guess that’s also why I don’t bother “monetizing” as much as other people do. If it were my only gig, I would be hardpressed not to 🙂 So, I shall stay… I have come up with posting schedule that should fit, and as always, who knows what you’ll get! Thank you again Steve for coming back to support me 😀

  4. Thanks Freddy! I dislike when I come across a blog I love and then feel like it’s a constant sales pitch. Usually, I ditch those by the wayside shortly thereafter. I love to just write and share whatever is on my mind, and knowing you come back to read feels wonderful. Thanks for your support!!! I’ll be sticking around. We pay for hosting for several sites, so this doesn’t cost any more than if I were to cancel it luckily. My podcast though does cost per month to host, so I question the costs (as always!), but a new side gig is starting this August, so I hope that eases my mind of the $100 per year of podcast hosting 🙂

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