There are 3 cooks in the kitchen: @BarillaUS Gluten-free Lasagna, Gluten-Free Gen Tso’s Chicken, and Shredded Chicken Tacos

Special note to those who gave their wonderful support on my previous post about considering where the path of this blog should go and what the future holds. Thank you so much for your kind words… I’ll be sticking around!

This weekend I finally got my cooking bug back. Monkey and I have been watching America’s Test Kitchen videos for a while now on YouTube and I came across a few recipes I wanted to try out, so we did!

The first recipe up I tested out was their meatless lasagna recipe. I made their sauce and used all the same ingredients except for the lasagna noodles. I subbed those with Barilla Gluten Free No Boil Lasagna noodles with a lot of success.

The only other modification I made was in the layering. On the show, they layer it and don’t put sauce between each noodle layer. Since I didn’t pre-boil the noodles, I made sure each layer of noodles had sauce below and above it. I ran out of cheese mixture, so I used mozzarella and parmesan on top.

Next up wasn’t actually an ATK recipe, but I had bought a large pack of chicken thighs for the next recipe, so I wanted to try this one as well. I made the Gen Tso’s chicken from Brother’s Green Eats.

The recipe worked up super quick and easy with the help of Monkey as an assistant in the process. He helped me bread the chicken thighs, fry them, and then washed all the dishes in the sink while I made the sauce. The taste is fantastic, and since I didn’t use all the correct ingredients (I didn’t have Chinese cooking wine), I’d say it worked out well using just a dry white cooking wine.

Next time, I plan to make it exactly as is, and I am sure it’ll taste just as good. Plus, in the process, I learned a new option for coating chicken I’d like to fry!

The last meal of the weekend was America’s Test Kitchen re-do of fast food favorites: shredded chicken tacos!

Crab was very insistent on helping with cooking, so each kiddo was able to assist with a recipe. Crab worked with Chris to pat the chicken thighs dry, salt and pepper them, and get the cans open for the recipe. Mise en place assistant Crab!

While the recipe tasted fantastic and I’ll save it in my Paprika app, I don’t know how often I’d make it until the boys get older. It makes a LOT of shredded chicken for tacos, so this would be great for a small dinner party or something unique to bring along.

It’s always fun and chaotic cooking with the kids, but I love that I can see how much Monkey has learned to cook since I started showing him around 2 years of age. I recently bought all of us new aprons to wear so we can cook and keep our clothes clean. Or in Crab’s case, have clothes on, to begin with!

Monkey is really getting into cooking. He learned how to beat with a fork for the Gen Tso’s chicken recipe, as well as how to bread chicken, fry it, and how to make a sauce. I am hoping over time, the more he cooks with me the more he’ll be interested in trying new and different foods.

Crab loves to mix and splash, so we still have to keep a keen eye on him, but otherwise, he’s getting right there into it.

I’m also glad I bought myself an apron… first one I’ve ever owned. It makes it far easier to keep a towel on hand for my hands, and I don’t mess up my nicer shirts. What took me so long?!

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  1. nice dogs. i don’t remember seeing them in photos before. did the general tsao’s use cornstarch coating? i coated something with it a few months ago and was pretty pleased with the crunch.

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