Finally!! The Fluffiest Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Ever

It’s no secret to many that I have been working to master the gluten-free pizza dough options I have available away from the thin crusty and crunchy pizzas! While many love the paper thin crunchy pizza, gluten or not, I have always been a fan of fluffier pizza crusts.

I’ve used every brand of flour, all sorts of personal blends, and recently ordered a bunch of Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pizza mix. After watching many ATK videos, they always talk about resting the pizza dough overnight in the fridge. I usually make and eat pizza on the same day, and only used the refrigerator method back when I made gluten goodness pizza.

I’ve finally found my favorite pizza crust. I think this would work with any pizza crust dough, but this came out so wonderful. I made the Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free crust mix as per directions. I always sub out the eggs in any recipe with Aquafaba.

Then, instead of following the rising directions, etc. I cut the dough in half, shaped it into balls, sprayed a pan with cooking spray and put both balls on it. Then I covered them with plastic wrap (after spraying the tops), and put them in the fridge.

I made one pizza dough the next day – – delicious! The other one sat in the fridge for another 3 days and was just as good as the first. I’ll be trying this dough in the freezer next, so I can easily make a bunch, freeze them, and then take them out a day early to defrost.

After I remove them from the fridge, I press them out with olive oil and let them rise for an hour or so.

This usually happens on top of the oven while I prepare and cook a regular pizza for the rest of my family. Then I pre-bake it for 10 minutes at 450, top it, cook 10-15 more minutes, and bam. Delicious chewy soft gluten-free pizza!

Put cheese and drier toppings on first. Then the tomatoes otherwise it becomes a sloppy wet mess. I know from experience

Delicious crusty and doughy gluten free pizza!

Doesn’t that look divine?

And that’s it, I’m back to cooking and baking delicious things again. Wahoo!