Dog Days of Summer: Lounging Around

I’m very much enjoying this summer where I’ve given myself much more permission to just sit and be bored for awhile. That may drive my kids crazy, but it’s been nice to just sit and accept that not everything has to get done every single day. Sitting around on the cruise must have changed my perspective quite a bit, don’t you think? Maybe I should vacation more often than every decade?

Also, I finally convinced Chris to purchase two lounge chairs for our backyard on my birthday (July 4th!) no less!

I’ve wanted a lounge chair for over 4 years now, make that 5 since we moved and threw our old one out. After a week on the boat, it was so nice to “lounge” around all over the place.

For all these years, I know I’m so deprived, we only had a picnic table and benches plus a nice outdoor couch Chris built. While nice pieces of furniture, they are designed for sitting upright most of the time or are in direct sun and not easily movable out of the sun.

Enter in lounge chairs and I’m as happy as one of my dogs laying on the ground next to me. Ruby has seemingly loved that I sit still more these days, happily following me around everywhere I go. Jeter enjoys that I sit outside more as well, since he gets more time to wander around the yard.

And with the lounging around has come a new desire to get back out for runs and adding in weight lifting to my routine. I’ve actually moved my weights up to our bedroom, I find it easier to just do a workout right before a shower in the evening instead of having to encourage myself to do it downstairs before coming up.

Plus, with the weights in my room, my kiddos tend to ignore my workout more than when I would do it in the family room. The treadmill is still there, and that’ll be useful in the winter, but otherwise my runs are happening outdoors and around 6am. Because, why not? My kids wake me up then anyway, so there is no opportunity to sleep in!

I leave you with a moment to look at Crab’s version of run-walk-run. My kiddos always tell me not to go out for a run, and then Crab has taken to getting himself ready to go with me these days. He only could find one shoe, so hence he is ready to run and walk, just like his mom.

I started running again over the last weekend and I think that inspired me to cook much more, too!

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