An Apple a Day

On Saturday, the weekend started out bright and early with taking my Mom to the emergency room. She was having trouble breathing and it turned out to be a heart problem.

Cut to four long days later and she was finally allowed to go home with further things to come. Luckily, it is something that can hopefully be controlled long term with medication after a cardioversion, but man the meds are not inexpensive!

During her hospital stay I was back and forth between my house, dogs, and children while also taking care of her dogs and birds and sleeping at her house a few nights. We are all glad, animals included, that she is home and things are returning back to normal.

While in the hospital, I didn’t want to bring Monkey and Crab, but at one point had little choice since Chris is attending Podcast Movement this week. I was supposed to meet Mr. 1500 there with the kiddos, but alas had to stay close to home. Good thing I did, since my Mom ended up going home at the time I would’ve been in Philly!

The kids had a good time stealing Grandma’s lunch dessert and taking her for walks to get Jell-o from the floor kitchen.

We learned quite a bit about how the hospital works and that she was put into a decision unit which basically is a longer term ER before they decided to send you home or keep you awhile. Each day they told her she should be able to go home the next day, and evening came and nope, more adjustments to medication and monitoring.

Finally when it was time to go home, we sat awhile waiting for transport that they never called! Whoops… after housekeeping came to clean her room while we were still waiting we thought something wasn’t right. She couldn’t wait to get out and get some fresh humid air.

Aside from the hospital runs and coordinating dog and child care with my sister all week, I did happen to pick few summer apples from our new trees that look delicious.

Maybe I should give some to my Mom. You know what they say, “An Apple a day…”