My Broken Vivosport!

I’m pretty proud of myself, I finally started to stick with a plan of workouts and food choices and it wasn’t very hard either. This past week I lifted weights, ran a few times, and did yoga. Impressed, right?

I always struggle committing to a routine in the summer I know won’t be able to transfer to our fall schedule. For the first time I have a routine I can easily transfer into our regular schedules when we all are busy again and not being lazy around the house. Whoop whoop!

Running has been feeling great since I gave myself permission to be a beginner again. I haven’t had to convince myself to go out any day, and it’s so easy to mentally think it’ll be over in 15-20 minutes, ha. As time progresses obviously I’ll be so far down the routine rabbit hole I’ll enjoy running long distances again.

Unfortunately, my favorite Vivosport received a crack in the edge of the screen!?!?! I have no idea how it happened, I wasn’t doing much actually and then I went to pick Monkey up from camp and Wham! A shard of glass fell out of the top right…

Chris suggested I contact Garmin, since I only purchased it in February. I thought there wasn’t going to be much they would do, but was surprised that they offered to replace it one time and suggested not to use a screen protector on it as I had. So, my watch is out in the mail and I cannot wait to get an replacement back soon! I am so so so thankful it was something that could be replaced and not had to be rebought!!!!

In the meantime, I’ve returned to using my green Forerunner 10. Works pretty good, but I do miss the connectivity via a mobile phone. One day maybe I’ll splurge for a Fenix series. Maybe when we pay off the mortgage… sound good Freddy?