Hot and Humid Summer Runs

There’s nothing like a hot, humid, 90+ degree run with no breeze to make one look forward to the fall. I love summer, but sometimes it makes it difficult to get outside if I miss the early morning sweet spot. Luckily, Chris was motivating me today as well as a new book I’m reading and I made my oh so lengthy 1 mile run happen.

Sometimes I dwell on the, “how did I get to this place?” mentality where I’m literally starting over. Then I remind myself, at the least I am starting. I’m moving. I’m making strides and I will reach my goals this time. It’s all in the perspective shift I’ve had this summer and I’m doing it.

I’ve had to use my old Garmin for my runs which takes a long, much longer, time to connect to GPS, but otherwise it works. I can’t use two earbuds because it only beeps and doesn’t vibrate which I notice how much I relied on before!

It’s okay, it works and that’s what matters… just have to connect it to my computer which I keep forgetting about! I’ve been spoiled. I’m so very thankful that I’ve got a watch that works and that I’m making time for myself again. It makes me a much better human 🙂

Now it’s off to put the Monkey to sleep and get rest myself tomorrow may be a long day. I should get some crocheting done at least!