Coloring to Relax My Mind

I find myself with a lot of things I’d like to accomplish this week but procrastinating because the things I want to do are hard. Either it is related to running or it’s related to editing podcast episodes or building a new website. I have only a few weeks left of “unscheduled time” and it’s difficult mental work and my head just isn’t there at the moment.

So, I’ve decided to give my mind a break and just color. Sometimes doing the basic creative things we did as a child makes a little bit of difference to shift the mindset or stress levels.

I don’t love adult coloring books as much as crayons and children’s coloring books, but they are fun occasionally. Just a little more particular than scribbling on a child’s page.

The great thing is that anytime I stop and sit down to color, so do a few baby guys in the house as well.

What do you do when you feel there is so much to do you don’t want to start getting it done?

I usually get myself together for a good workout or find a creative outlet to shift energy and get back on track.