Hornet Stings Hurt

It’s been really hot here for several days that it’s put a kink in our enjoyment of the great outdoors. Despite the heat, we made it to the playground only to end up with my being stung by a hornet!! Ouch!!

I’ve never been stung by anything, so this was a first for me. Chris asked if I was allergic, but I had no clue. Within seconds I felt the poison traveling throughout my arm and it turned red and swelled. I took an allergy pill, iced it, and a friend told me to use lavender oil to help with the itching.

I hear these things can last up to a week and be painful. With larger reactions such as mine it can signal that you are indeed allergic to their stings. Yay, something else to watch out for.

I was using our google assistant to ask all of these questions while I freaked out with ice on my arm questioning if this was the way I’d go. Chris laughed and said wouldn’t that be hilarious. My arm is swollen and red, if it sticks around badly for more than a few days I might see a doctor. The allergy pill appears to have helped.

My arm is sore, so I’m going to stick with running for now and add back in weights next week.

I’m super excited my students and I are in the October issue of Crochet World Magazine! I’ve been teaching a lot of students to crochet and look forward to teaching more next year as it’s catching on quickly!

I took myself to the movies this week to see The Spy Who Dumped Me. It’s easy to go by myself and enjoy a $5 movie at our theater. Then Chris came and met me to swap Crab and he and Monkey saw Christopher Robin. It worked out well, especially for a rainy hot day. I liked the movie I saw and want to go see Crazy Rich Asians in another two weeks.

We get $5 tickets on Tuesdays. I look forward to when the boys are just a bit older and I can handle them both at the movies myself. Then we can make time for movies while Chris is doing his professorly thing during the week!

That’s about it. I’m looking forward to getting back into mortgage pay down mode this fall.

Plus we’re hoping to get to the beach a bit with the kiddos in the evenings when it’s cooler to play. How is your summer going?