Living with Intent

I’ve been loving the Super Soul Conversations Podcast by Oprah Winfrey. I recently came across it via a suggestion from another runner and decided to give it a go. Needless to say, I’ve downloaded back episodes (all of them!) and have been consuming them during my runs. They are inspiring conversations where I get many new ideas, concepts, or ways to accept and respond to the situations around me.

Several episodes discussed living with intent and finding your life purpose. Living as your true self and more authentic. Deciding how you intend to spend your time and how what you give to the world is what you receive back. The Golden Rule or Karma. I struggle with living with intent and trying to make everyone happy, much as many others do.

I’ve been saying yes to almost everything in my life lately, but it’s been a bit too much. Even when my intuition has yelled that something doesn’t feel right, I’ve ignored it and pressed on to appease others.

After listening and reflecting on my own choices, I’ve taken a step back and have considered living with more intention. Saying yes to what I feel will help on my journey and saying no to more that may not help me get to where I’d like to go. There are only so many hours in a day and many more of them I’d like to live on purpose by my own design.

Sure, mistakes in choices will be made along the way but saying no to one thing means saying yes to another.

As August renews my personal year and decisions to transform into my next level of being, I’ve been working on living with more purpose, allowing others to accept me as I am, and learning as much as I can about the world around me. Podcast interviews have been great (I have a lot more on the way), and have been a wonderful space of growth.

Growing and changing never stop, and with that I feel the universe will conspire with you or against you if you choose to listen or to ignore. Pausing in a moment of anger or confusion, allowing that small gap to exist is a step in the direction of living a more purposeful and authentic life guiding my own in the direction I’ve wanted to go for years.

How are you living true to yourself? What have you said no to lately to say yes to something else?