Fall Racing Here I Come

I’ve decided to put in for a few running road races this fall. I’m not confident in my running times by any means, but I have been very motivated to run and enjoying it. I’m using a combo of the Fitness22 10K app and Jeff Galloway’s method to get back up to a slow normal.

What’s been great is that I’ve actually done an extra run today and had a great time. Monkey went out on his bike to ride next to me and I’m proud he rode for over 3 miles (half I ran). I hope this becomes a regular occurrence because running next to his bike helped me speed up quite a bit. So, I know I still have some fast twitch muscles (up to about 9:30 pace at times!).

Races haven’t been as exciting since I can’t eat much or any of the food at the end of the races, but maybe that’s a good thing anyway. The one race I’m doing is a Taco 5k and I believe I’ll be able to enjoy some of the Surf Taco after!

I’ve noticed a lot of runs are becoming walker friendly which is great. That makes me feel a little less anxious about my slow pace per mile hovering around 12:00-13:00 these days. At least I won’t be last because walkers will be enjoying the course as well! So I’ve been seeking out races that offer those options so I will end up somewhere in the mix.

In the fall it appears my running desires return and the excitement comes back. The key will be sticking with it through winter as I used to do well before kiddos. Looking back at some race times I was around the 12:00 pace after having Monkey, so I guess I’m not too far off. Just about 40lbs heavier, but I’m happily working on that and making headway.

Now I’m off to tend to my gardens and see what’s ready and what’s growing. It’s peaceful to enjoy watching fruits and vegetables grow and exciting to see what comes next with a little help.

Enjoy the week ahead, I’ll be out running, biking, or paddling with my trainer aka Monkey. What will you be doing?

2 thoughts on “Fall Racing Here I Come

  1. back to the running! good for you, kate. i’ll bet it seems more social with your boy and his bike so that’s pretty cool. our garden exploded with blackberries and we’re on our third pie. we have guests from new orleans this coming weekend and mrs. me is selling art at a huge local art festival. hopefully we’ll make enough for a fall trip or something like that.

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