Indulging in Dark Hawaiian Chocolates

After what happened last month, I’ve been trying to find a good balance between our savings and mortgage pay off goals as well as enjoying life and experiencing new things. This past month found us ordering chocolates all the way from Hawaii, after seeing an episode all about dark chocolate on Good Eats with Alton Brown. I love that show! It introduced me to the science of cooking which made cooking fun. Monkey now loves it as well.

It took a few weeks to arrive and we ordered enough to probably last us maybe a year. It was a large order because why pay to ship when you could get an additional amount of chocolate for that cost?! Cost-benefit analysis, right? Plus, I make our own chocolate syrups and a lot of chocolate items from scratch, so a fresh chocolate is far superior to a powder in my opinion.

The package came in a huge box for a few pound chocolate bars, chocolate sauce, cocoa nibs, and a single bar of their Criollo dark chocolate. It was well packaged.

The package came next day, what a trip for this chocolate. It was cool and fresh upon arrival. Prior to shipping, I received a personal phone call to let me know it was on the way!

The chocolate is all gift boxed, so it is packaged nicely when you purchase it. I felt very fancy opening it all up to see what we received. I opened it above and then thought to take a picture… I couldn’t wait to try it.

I can tell you Hawaiian chocolate is definitely delicious! I have been enjoying one square of their Criollo dark chocolate on occasion for a few weeks, and we store the chocolate in the fridge. I love from that episode of Good Eats I pretty much know their entire process and where it came from.

Definitely gluten-free, and the taste is amazing compared to any mass produced chocolate I’ve encountered. I cannot eat “fancy” (are they?) chocolates like Godiva or Lindt anymore, as they use barley malt as a sweetener. To find a delicious dark (Endangered Species is gluten-free and delicious, too) took trial and error, but this is definitely a try if you’re a chocoholic or heading out to Hawaii’s Kona Island.

Was it inexpensive? Not at all. Was it worth it to enjoy for the coming year, because I easily managed my chocolate intake quite well? Yes. Did I hem and haw over this decision for a few weeks before splurging much to Chris’ annoyance? Absolutely.

How about you? Have you splurged on something you felt desirable recently?