Enjoy Life! Our Trip to the Gluten Free Expo – LLP031

Chris and I took a trip to the Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Expo in Secaucus, NJ a weekend ago and for a whopping $12 per person (we signed up early) we had 4 hours of sampling delicious gluten-free goodies that mostly did not contain egg otherwise. Listen to our on the spot podcast from the event, and take a look below at all the images we snapped along the way.

Ronzoni had a cute photo booth. I didn’t realize after we took a photo we both got a full box of gluten-free pasta to take home. Whoop!

Here’s a list of all of the companies at the expo. There were A LOT to choose from and try out. Some local restaurants, as well as large companies and small bakeries. Halfway through we had started limiting our tastings because we were getting full.

Most of the sponsors provided either a snack or coupons in our bags. Every vendor provided lots of coupons which was great to remember which I liked and what I’d like to try again or see what’s in the store.

We managed to finagle a day without the kids, but there were a ton of kiddos around the expo and they had various places set up for them to play in. Even race cars that Chris stopped to do as well for the kids.

After two hours of making our way through the entire expo, we took a seat and recorded our thoughts.

Mr. Podcast Man himself. The House of #Edtech guy.

We used a portable recording device he purchased last year which has come in handy on several occasions. I like recording my individual episodes on it so I can sit anywhere in the house, or outdoors and share my learning.

While I am heading in a no to low grain dive in my life, I still love my friend Bob from Bob’s Red Mill. He’s been a lifesaver when it comes to having to eat gluten-free. We noticed they have an egg replacer to try, so that may make its way into our pantry at some point if I ever run out of aquafaba.

Notice my Wasa pasta lapel pin I’ve come to love… it’s gluten free 😉

Right before we left, I saw a long line for a Brooklyn Bakery and thought, let me see, let me see… this was the most delicious bread I’ve tasted in a long time! You keep it frozen and then toast it when you’re in the mood for a slice. Perfect! Gluten-free bread can sometimes go stale far faster than glutenous bread, so this method makes it stay for quite a time.

Plus, while most of their items used eggs, this one did not, so I quickly bought 2 loaves to stock away for when I needed a sandwich. Delicious and egg-free, too!

Best bread I’ve found from a semi-local gluten-free bakery. Scharr tops my list as well as my own homemade bread or using Bob’s kit for bread, too.

The expo was really nice. You can listen more to what I learned while there and if we ever plan to return in the future. Check out the episode!

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  1. Tuesday’s constitutional is going to be awesome. Kate and the gluten free expo! Thanks for the glimpse of what you guys experienced. It looks like it was a lot of fun. Cheers.

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