Our Own Gluten and Egg Free Plate!

Ever since I’ve had to go gluten and egg free, I’ve wanted some way to make delicious treats and let others know they are safe from those two allergens at the very least.

When I’ve brought food to events, I would tell people or just put it out and hope others knew I made it. At work, we have breakfasts where everyone brings an item and when I would bring food I would tell those I knew who had allergies or put a little paper note hoping it didn’t get lost in the mix throughout the day.

Now I have an official plate, well two plates in different colors, to share our message easily and for others to know who made it. I tried to find a plate online that said these things, but even gluten-free plates had it under where the food went. What’s the point of that? You’d have to eat it all before you knew it was gluten-free; very dangerous in my opinion.

Chris helped me design the plate so that no matter what’s on the plate everyone knows. I wanted our name on it as well so no one took the plate by accident since it wasn’t super cheap to make (under $20 on Zazzle). This way, I can share with confidence, don’t have to remember to write a note, and the plate will make it’s way back to us every time.

At times, it’s the little things in life that make me genuinely happy. Sure, it might put some people off from eating what I’ve made because those cookies don’t look as delicious when they are touting gluten-free and egg-free. More for me, then! Until they discover how delicious gluten-free and egg-free may actually be…

4 thoughts on “Our Own Gluten and Egg Free Plate!

  1. I’m just starting to realize how connected my itchy breakouts are to the Foods I consume. I’m beginning the glueten free journey and am looking for yummy recipes. I haven’t tested /illiminated eggs or chicken to see if they are causing reactions. What was your experience with eggs? I’ve had very similar red itchy patches on my face to the ones you had and also on my arms.

  2. Hi Deanna! I highly recommend following an elimination diet to find out the sources of your immune responses. You can read more about my journey here to going gluten-free:

    Here’s my response to discovering an egg allergy:

    Also, I did an entire podcast episode on my favorite simple (and free!) egg replacement: https://katenesi.com/aquafaba-the-ultimate-egg-substitute-llp003

    Hope that helps!

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