Annual Crocheting for the Holidays

This fall has found me busily crocheting along for various occasions, including my usual gift giving for Christmas. I thought I’d take a moment to share a baby blanket I recently made for a couple who is expecting their little one (gender unknown!) and they nicknamed baby “Moose” for now. So, I made a gender neutral (in my opinion) blanket with a seafoam green, off-white, and gray granny square pattern and added a little moose in the corner for the memory of the little one’s nickname 🙂

I couldn’t resist making a little hat to go along with it!

I used to be so excited to bring gifts from my mom to friend’s baby showers because she makes the most amazing crocheted baby blankets. Now, I am super thrilled it’s something I can bring on my own as my own creation!

Lots of little ones we know are on their way this December! Can’t wait to hold all the little babies, but I’ll be happy to hand them back as my own two animals keep me busy enough.

And not to be left out… Happy Halloween! From Mario and Luigi, hats by yours truly and suspenders, too!

Their costumes will be a bit different today (this was for a dance) but nonetheless, you get the idea. It’s the Super Mario Bros!

Do you hand-make any gifts this holiday season or throughout the year?

There is such an enjoyment trying to find the right pattern, idea, and colors for gifts for each person I decide to make something for. It’s so fun to watch it come together and anticipate their opening it!

I have found though, as my Mom had warned, that not all people appreciate a hand-made gift. With that in mind, I’ve started to narrow my scope on who, how, and when I put in all the extra effort to make a handmade gift. There have been some who I know will absolutely love something I put the hard work into and keep it for years, and there have been others I’ve realized would be happier with a purchased gift instead.

I don’t know how everyone doesn’t love hand-made items, but I’ve found my groove with how much I’m willing to sacrifice my time and for whom when I do make these gifts. Even the smallest of hats takes time, patience, and knowledge to make it look right vs. a messy wad of yarn!

Luckily, all of my young nieces and nephews appear to enjoy their handmade hats or scarves every Christmas with a book to cozy up with. I ask their parents yearly – do you think they’d like this?! What colors? What characters?

That’s become my new gift-giving idea every year for them – I’m embracing the Nerd Librarian Aunt vibe – and I hope as they grow they come to look forward to it every year (so far, the older ones do!). Luckily, they all have experienced the blankets from my Mom, so they all have an appreciation for the art of crochet, too!

Hope you enjoy Halloween if you celebrate it!