A Culmination Over 2 Years Led Me to Keto’s Doorstep

You’ll know that over a year and a half ago I’ve found I’d had to go gluten and egg free. While that was a struggle, it seems like the universe is conspiring to lead me into the best path for my health and running goals over these past few years. From processing through an elimination diet, finding huge culprits and changing my life, to hearing the term “fat-adapted running”, and being skeptical and learning more. Now it has led me on a new path that appears to have opened my eyes to a new way of life. A pretty tasty one, at that.

A few years ago, I heard about fat-adapted running and always kept it in the back of my mind as an option to consider as I want to eventually (where’s the time?!?!) run uber long distances when I grow up.

With the past year under my belt of being gluten-free, I wondered why I hadn’t lost weight like all those who give up gluten for weight loss appear to do. Well, the reason is, I’ve spent the last year replacing all those processed gluten foods with something just as similar, but albeit filled with GF flours. I still ate high glycemic inducing foods, just gluten-free ones. No amount of calorie counting was going to fix that (which is why despite trying to reel it in this summer, nothing worked).

As I kept running this summer, I was getting frustrated. My calf cramping still was acting up, despite not eating allergy-inducing foods. I couldn’t run longer than an hour without needing to use my body buffer, foam rolling, and taking extra magnesium to stave off cramping. Ugh. There has to be a better way. Running was no fun this way.

Cut to this fall where I decided one week in September to read up on Keto and fat-adapted running and give it a go for a week. What’s the worst that could happen? Maybe there was something to it… Ah, I despise fad diets and I like “lifestyle changes” which Mark Sisson has apparently recently offered me.

I have read Mark’s Daily Apple over the years and loved his Primal style of eating, but I wasn’t a fan of Paleo and figured it all the same. I didn’t want to “count macros”. I should be able to live without counting anything… right?

Cut to today, Mark was talking more about Keto, but in a truly relatable way to evolution IMHO (did I use that correctly?) and as a lifestyle adjustment. Don’t get me wrong, I like Keto, but I will not be testing my ketone levels. A bit too much for me.

After trying it for a 1-2 weeks in September, I was amazed at the changes I felt. It wasn’t easy to switch it right on, I did it the non-recommended way at first (dropping to 20g carbs!), but after reading Mark Sisson’s Keto Reset and using his recipes, I’m loving it.

And I lost 10lbs without trying last month and eating as much as I wanted to every day of those two weeks. I embraced fat. I felt full. For the first time, I was never “hangry” and I woke up not hungry. It’s been 20+ years since I felt that way!

Creamed spinach anyone? OMG. Delicious.

These past two months I’ve been somewhat on/off of following the Keto path. For starters, I had that day that affected my mental thoughts and decided to live it up with dessert for days on end after. I mean, who knows when it’ll be over?!

The good thing is, I haven’t gained the weight back and I’m finally getting back into the track of a six-week Keto focus, and then plan to utilize the carbohydrate curve from Sisson as I continue throughout my lifestyle changes. I finally feel I found what works for “my body” and my mind when it comes to eating and fueling. I feel relaxed around food, it’s okay to “fast” and skip a meal. My body is thankful for it.

Plus, the food is so darn enjoyable.

Pizza bites? This totally fixes my pizza cravings, sans pizza dough.

I feel as though the universe conspired for me to meet Kelly who taught me through a photography session about food allergies and intolerances. Then, a year after that, I dove in with her help to find what foods provide me with many issues. As I continued on that gluten and egg free journey, I started to do deep dives into how those elements affect the body (most notable grains).

And then on a podcast, I listened about fat-adapted running and thought… hmmm… And here I am this fall, embracing a new lifestyle that fits my life so well. I eat huge salads doused with olive oil, I enjoy cottage cheese – me – who’s always hated that stuff, and I am skipping a meal and not feeling like I need to bite someone’s arm off.

To top it off, the weight is coming off and when I’ve run this fall, my leg cramps are gone. I feel the inflammation when I have a higher-carb weekend, but I also feel living under 150g carbs long term is so easy to do once you understand the food on your plate. I’ll be under 50g carbs while resetting for 6 weeks.

Thank you universe… I’m listening!!

Now only if I could get myself out in the dark to run my dreams will come true.