A Local Organic Grass-Fed Meat Adventure

I mentioned recently I’ve been dabbling and switching over to a Keto lifestyle and I’ve totally bought into the ideals around nutrition from Mark Sisson. I have followed him for years on the periphery, but I decided to embrace a new path this fall and it works for my lifestyle.

With that said, I felt like eating a lot of meat was never my go to, at times I’ve wanted to be vegetarian mostly due to the treatment of animals. As I’ve journeyed into this Keto lifestyle, I’ve taken to heart sourcing better foods for our family to consume. Higher quality oils, produce, and the like.

While I don’t always buy organic, I choose so when cost isn’t too much of a difference. Now that I’m buying less “gluten-free” processed foods (cookies, mixes, etc) and seeking more natural whole foods, we have the room in our budget to shift that cost.

Years ago I had tried to find someone who would be interested in purchasing and splitting a whole cow. In southern NJ, there are farms where you can purchase an organically, grass-fed cow and have it slaughtered and packaged for you. We didn’t have a large freezer at the time, so I gave up on that idea and just went with local farm produce or CSAs for the last 5 years or so.

Cut to my recent venture into higher quality food and I found a farm in southern NJ that raises organic free-range animals right here in our state, and humanely slaughters them (is that possible?), and packages the meat for you to pick up. I ordered a large bulk order since it was a bit of a drive, and so far, we’re pretty happy with our options and the tastes.

I was a little nervous to show up to their farm (eeeek, someone’s going to eat you little chicken!) but it was fine and I brought Monkey along. He was funny, asking if we’d be seeing them slaughter the animals (no) and what not. It turned out we just had to pop into their garage and carry our large order of frozen meat to our car and we were done and on our way.

The first sirloin steak from the sampler pack was delicious. Chris grilled it well. I look forward to widening our assortment of animal parts we’ll consume as our order included items I normally don’t pick up from the store like wings, thighs, or whole chickens.

The goal is to see how long this order lasts us and not to buy any store meat products for the time being. I anticipate this lasting us at least 4-6 months (we eat meat about 2-3 times per week). If that’s the case, then buying in bulk and this high quality of meat is budget-friendly for us to do twice per year. Now that we know the process, it’ll be easier to specify exactly what we want going forward, too.

It always is a good idea to think outside the box…ed store and try something new or different. The prices for the per pound cost weren’t too far off from organic store prices and knowing it’s local, raised outdoors more naturally, and not from another country is good enough for the extra few dollars overall for me.

Do you buy organic?

Have you tried a local farm for produce or meat?