Financial Freedom Is Groovy with Mr. Groovy – LLP032

Mr. Groovy is a recovering financial moron who got sick of the high cost of living on Long Island and relocated to Charlotte in 2006. There, he got his financial act together and discovered the FIRE community. In 2016, he retired and began leading a very groovy life. Mr. Groovy currently blogs with his wife, Mrs. Groovy, over at

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The Groovy Guide to Financial Independence: How to Escape the Tyranny of Mandatory Toil in Fourteen Years or Less

2 thoughts on “Financial Freedom Is Groovy with Mr. Groovy – LLP032

  1. I’m sure this is going to be the best podcast on personal finance ever. Haha! I just hope I don’t scare off your faithful listeners. It was a joy talking to you, Kate. You really made me feel welcome, and the questions you asked really made my think. You’re the best. Cheers.

  2. Thanks so much for coming on the show! I think you have a lot to teach others and it was a really enjoyable conversation. My husband thought after hearing it… we work in public employment, why aren’t we retired living in NC now? LOL I reminded him you’ve got us by a few years, so in that time we’ll be making that choice, too! Thanks again!!!

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