Monkey and Macro Photography

I feel as though I’m always busy, yet I have an abundance of downtime and freedom to do as I choose. It’s a weird feeling, but one I’m embracing. There is a lot on my mind, a lot to accomplish this fall, and more coming throughout the winter. The good thing is that I’m picking my camera up a bit more, instead of just relying on my phone to take photos all the time.

It helps that Monkey and Crab have their own small Kodak cameras that I bought them over the summer when they constantly fought over a broken-screen-but-still-takes-pictures point-n-shoot we have.

I decided to splurge (I mean… they were the cheapest non-plastic kid crappy cameras I could find) because I’d love for them to enjoy the creative art of photography as much as I did as a kid.

So far, Crab’s taken a lot of photos of my backside, whomp. Monkey, on the other hand, has been encouraging me to go outside with him to capture pictures together.

I believe photo walks will be in my future once again with these kiddos.

Rosemary out in my garden. I am so glad I started several of these bushy plants. They keep going all winter long and I’ve come to LOVE using rosemary in everything.

A little jalapeno flower bud. This jalapeno plant started in my Aero Garden maybe a year ago or longer? I put it outside and it came back last spring. It produces TONS of jalapenos, and they are far spicier than the ones from the store. I freeze them or give them away. This one is still producing jalapenos, it’s crazy this late into the season.

Both photos are SOOC. I haven’t been on my computer in ages to edit images in Lightroom from my DLSR. I love transferring them right to my phone via wifi. I’ve got a ton to organize on my computer over this holiday season!

And we’re off the next two days from school… so the Grinch Movie is on our agenda!

What do you use primarily to take photos? DSLR, PnS, Phone?

2 thoughts on “Monkey and Macro Photography

  1. i use a point and shoot digital camera for ebay and some blog stuff. mostly i steal mrs. smidlap’s images from facebook for the blog that she takes with a phone. i have no phone so it’s not an option for me. i’m glad your kids are taking an interest. that’s cool.

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