Another Fall, Another Oil Change

We had a long weekend break, so it was nice to get some items done around the house. This time, Chris was nice enough to get some action shots of me changing my oil. 

You cant see it here, but I’m intensely using a wrench to get off the oil filter cap.

This is serious work… right after he told me to “smile” the oil filter popped right out and splashed a bit of oil about. Luckily, none got on me :

My Crab was helping me with this oil change, or rather stealing my paper towels. I do need to eventually slate some of our rags for auto grease, but I just have been in the habit of having Monkey bring me paper towels as I get set up to get the job done.

All in all, I feel pretty masculine that I change my own oil. I think Chris gets a kick out of seeing me get down and dirty. I recently had to get my battery replaced, and now I’m considering brakes before the winter.

Car repair isn’t cheap, but where I can save by doing my own oil, I shall save. Chris will probably do my breaks once I nail down a date with my brother, just don’t tell him yet…

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