Taking Time Off to Be Creative

It’s been quite a while for me to not write or say anything. I’m usually a rather chatty gal. I’ve taken the time off this month to focus on our little family and all things holiday related. We’ve got some amazing upcoming plans for 2019 and I plan to share more about those soon.

Also, this month there was a new addition to our friend’s family, this little guy. I had the pleasure of capturing his newborn portraits, just as I did his older brother a few years ago! I cannot believe how fast time has flown and how this little family has grown!

I’m also trying to get use to the new wordpress writer end of things. I step away for a few weeks and BAM! it’s a whole new process to get posts up and running. Always learning…

Speaking of learning, I’ve taken a break from podcasting for the time being to decide how, or if, I’d like to continue with it. Giving myself the mental space to walk away actually has given me some ideas of how to keep the podcast going, but with a bit less stress in the process. 2019 will be an interesting year ahead of explorations!

Without further ado… enjoy some portraits of the newest little guy in our neighborhood! I’ll be back with more updates in the coming week 🙂

Are you all ready for the holidays?! Just when I think I am all set, I find I’m not. Off to finish some last minute shopping!