What’s on my plate these days?

This fall I’ve written about dabbling in the Keto diet and while I have had ups and downs diving into an out of the strict Keto regimen, I’ve found it works so very well for my body and mind.

In September, I lost about 10lbs, but after that wild day to the ER dessert became a staple because… you never know, right? Last month, I decided to work my way into Keto a little slower following Mark Sisson’s Keto Reset. This focuses on limiting carbs to around 150 grams or less per day, after having done under 20 grams in September seemed like a gluttonous activity. It was easy to stick with (though not the place for fat burning) before diving back into a lower carb regimen to burn off my excess body weight. 

While I gained a little weight back in the dessert fueled month of October and maintained in November, I have gone down about 5 lbs since then just in the past week back to more keto levels. I am a little more flexible on the weekends, or look to see my average carbs over the course of a week. Some days it’s super easy to keep to 20-50g (I have found I LOVE eating healthy fats), and other days when Chris cooks gluten-free pasta and meatballs I accept it’ll be a little higher than normal.

The good thing is that I’ve learned more about what satisfies my body, what helps encourage a more normal weight, and is rather low stress. No more counting calories, in fact, some days I’ve found I have had to eat more to get enough. I don’t test ketones or worry about it as much, but I just focus on lower carbs overall and healthier fats to add in.

I haven’t been exercising as it’s been a little rough scheduling wise the past month. I picked up a few nights at my college job, so it’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks. In the coming weeks we’ll all be home for a month seven nights a week so it’s the perfect time to get back into it. Fat adapted running feels so much better, too. My calves no longer need deep tissue massage or cause me cramping even as I increased magnesium levels.

What am I eating on a regular basis?

For breakfast I may have a cup of tea, or a small piece of cheese. I do love to have nuts, but right now I’ve been trying to figure out an eczema issue with nuts and/or tea…

For lunch, it’s typically leftovers from the night before, or I make Sisson’s BAS – big A salad. I toss in whatever greens I have with deli meat or cheese, or both, and douse it in olive oil and red wine vinegar with some seasonings. Each day it’s a little different depending on my tastes, but it’s so filling. I never use to like salad because calorie-wise I had to avoid the high fats that make them taste so good!

If I eat left overs for lunch, sometimes an after school snack is a smaller version of the big salad. I might skip the cheese and meat and just enjoy the lettuce with a heaping of healthy oils. No more sweet treats after school… except…

I have come upon some delicious keto style snacks and desserts that have proven to be delicious. I replaced other flours in this recipe almond flour cookies above. These were about a month ago, but recently I have been using coconut flour instead since I’m sorting out nut issues. I don’t think almonds are good for me, as eczema has flared it’s ugly head this fall. The kids love these cookies though and they don’t have a sugar swing which has been nice, too.

Lastly, for dinner, if it’s just been the kids and I, I may skip it if I’m not hungry and make them something. Or, more lately, I’ve been planning delicious keto style meals for everyone that have been a huge hit. This week I made air fried chicken wings and thighs which everyone loved.

Find what works for you. I’m glad to have found a focus for my eating habits that is satiating, easily fits in with my gluten-free lifestyle (egg-free is hard, but I have found good work arounds) and is helping me lose weight that feels effortless. I look forward to keeping on this journey throughout the winter season and remerging in the spring back to my old self again pre-kiddos.

Plus, to be honest, being gluten-free it’s so easy to say no to all the sweets at the holidays. 99% of them are inedible and the other 1% usually are questionable if safe from my two major allergens… so unless I make it, I have no problems saying, “No thanks.” Just don’t ask me about my killer gluten-free and egg-free gingerbread cookies I made this month… they were a hot commodity at work that I had to make a second batch.