Our Own Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Cookies

I was not on the Holiday Baking Championships, but I’ve seen enough of it recently to want to bake some awesome gingerbread cookies. I made delicious gingerbread cookies over a week ago and they were so good, I never had any leftover in our home to give out at work. So, I worked tirelessly on Sunday to make gluten and egg-free gingerbread cookies (because I wanted to have a few myself) to hand out at work to all of the support staff who help the library.

Each year I give a small token of my gratitude to all those who help support the library in positions that don’t get a lot of recognition. Last year, we put together nice bags of handmade chocolates to celebrate the season.

Chris has a really good hand for decorating, so he whipped up the royal icing using aqaufaba and confectioner’s sugar. Lo and behold, the aquafaba worked and hardened nicely on the cookies.

And he did a nice job making letters so some of the little cookie gifts were personalized.

We work pretty well together as a team when it comes to baking and a variety of projects. I am usually the baker and he’s the decorator. He also comes up with the most creative ideas for decorating cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. I’m not as artsy, so thankfully I have Chris to make up for it.

And I will tell you, these cookies were so delicious. Several people asked me more about them or if they could have some (I always bring extra) because they heard about them from someone else. I always love it when others enjoy my creations! If you want the recipe, here it is. We replaced the egg whites whipping up aquafaba and adding in the confectioner’s sugar a little at a time.

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