Happy Holidays… a little late

Over the holiday break we had a really nice week as a family. We spent time going to local places to have some fun, playing at the park with friends, or any number of things. We did quite a bit, I can’t even remember, but it was nice to be home for over a week with the kids and just enjoying the holiday season together.

Below are all the crocheted hats I made for my nieces and nephews for Christmas. Every year I make them a scarf or hat, and then I buy them a book or a few books that they might enjoy. I wasn’t sure I was going to do it this year, but their parents said they’d really enjoy that as a gift, so here you go! It is a lot of work,

Our kiddos got a lot of fun gifts that fit their silly personalities.

I kept decently to the keto lifestyle prior to the holidays and pretty much skipped desserts, but definitely ate quite a bit during that time. Right now, I am back on the bandwagon.

Below is a buffalo chicken pizza recipe I found on Ruled.me where the pizza crust is made entirely of chicken thighs. It was delicious! We’ve been making several recipes from that website that have turned our to be our favorites. I really enjoy the keto lifestyle, it fits my body so well and has been easy to adapt to having to be gluten-free anyway.

After Christmas, we spent time with cousins out bowling which was a lot of fun. It’s getting really nice at this age to start to be able to take the boys out with other kids and they play nicely together. Crab even made a few strikes, and I bowled not too shabby myself. Chris always wins though!

And last but not least, we worked on a couple of the fun kits the boys received as gifts. Monkey made a cool Grinch gingerbread cookie to enjoy!

Overall, the holiday break was very nice. Despite some family members being sick, we managed to say healthy throughout. I attribute that to lots and lots of hand washing and baths every night! Hopefully, we can keep the streak going for the next several winter months!