Treadmilling is Fun!

Chris and I have been spending each day making sure we get in 2-5 miles walking on our treadmill. We’re on a mission to drop the weight we’ve been carrying for years, and get ourselves back in fighting shape again. It’s not so much about vanity, but more about feeling good and having the energy to keep up with Monkey and Crab.

The fun part of working out daily is that our children see our example and follow it. We haven’t always been the best example, but now we’re seeing the fruits of our literal change to our schedules and it’s fun to see them get in on the action, too.

Every time I plan to walk on the treadmill, Monkey and Crab ask if they can do it first. It’s a little frustrating because once I’m ready, I’m ready, but usually Crab walks about 5-10 minutes and Monkey hangs in for 10-15 minutes and then they are ready to move on to the next thing. The best part is it burns off a little bit of their energy! And it makes me feel proud as their mom that they support us and see us as good examples to follow.

Heck, I didn’t name him Miles for nothin’… Of course I’m hoping he gets the running bug one day. He has done a race with me and I hope he learns one day the mental health benefits to running or walking moreso than anything!

Chris and I both have been walking with GORuck sacks starting a few weeks ago. I am proud of Chris, he walks with about 30lbs on his back and really has made sure he sweats every day and eats lower carb as per doctors orders. He inspires me to keep going, even though I have little desire these days to run. I make sure to walk with my 10lbs on my back and we both kick it up a notch uphill the entire way.

We’re doing a 2019 in 2019 challenge as a team this year through So far, we’re keeping up nicely. I’ve also hoped onto some online Ruck challenges to earn a badge and am almost done with my first one! Wahoo. Who knew, I like to walk?! Run-walk-run will be back in my vocab this spring though, I feel it coming on…

What healthy things have you been doing to kick off the new year?

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