Have a nice trip, see you next


My ego (and knee and ankle) were quite bruised leaving my Mom’s house with my kiddos in tow yesterday. As I fell to the ground rolling my ankle and slamming a knee to pavement I thought, “really, this now?!?”

I’d love to say 2019 is off to a great start, ha!

Actually, I feel like God is getting all the crummy crap out of the way for the year ahead for me/us. I’ve been listening to Super Soul Conversations for the last several months and I feel like there is more to explore and be appreciative of with my higher power.

I’m optimistic even though I can’t stand up. How’s that for faith?

Finances are what they are but we’re still light years ahead of a decade ago. IRA is full… IRA is full… I keep reminding myself. Thanks for your kind words of support this week. You guys rock! I know in a decade we’ll laugh at this time and still be enjoying our roof and HVAC 🙂

Health is improving, albeit a gluten-ing last weekend took me down for the count this week (hence a stumble and bad fall). I’m still recovering and doing all I can to be back in fighting shape.

I’ve realized each time gluten-ings happen I still need to be a better advocate for myself. I try not to make a fuss or be the center of attention when out with those who believe it’s in my head, but it’s time to “do me” and get what I need for my body or just bring my own food. Intermittent fasting has been nice, too.

It can be limiting, but freer to just eat what I eat and have no apologies. No one asks another about their abstention from dessert when losing weight? What does it matter if I abstain from gluten, eggs, and tree nuts?

Next week will improve and hopefully with no swelling, a few meds and compression socks I’ll be able to walk and exercise again. Our furnace should be complete this evening, right before a cold snap in a few days.

The long weekend ahead includes sitting by the fire, reading with the kiddos, and enjoying a home that’s safe, loving, and warm. Eventually, I’ll have a money pit to swim in again 😂 but until then this is all we need.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. Send me a few good vibes would ya?

What podcasts are listening to these days?

2 thoughts on “Have a nice trip, see you next

  1. I had to smile, my wife and I just came home from four days of hard hiking with a good bit of extreme bushwhacking thrown in. She fell hard twice and I did once, which wasn’t bad for a couple of over 60 types on crazy steep, rocky and briar covered terrain. My legs look like I got in a fight with a street gang of house cats, and lost. But we had a blast and saw some beautiful waterfalls that simply can’t be seen without the donation of some skin and blood along the way. So falling is OK, whether it is due to hunting a hard to see vista, shepherding your flock of little ones or to a food allergy, because it means you are in motion! And as long as you are in motion life is good, and holds the prospect of getting even better.

  2. Thank you Steveark! I love your positivity and that hike sounds amazing and definitely worth the skin and blood along the way. I wish I had a more glorious story for my fall, but I’m sure those will come soon enough 😀 I like the idea of always moving forward!

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