Traveling on My Mind

Now that our children are getting older, I’d like to travel a little more. I keep daydreaming of days or weeks or months away on an adventure to all sorts of places. Those far off places will be years in the making, of saving and preparing, but this year we’ve got quite a bit on our schedule of travels as it is. More than we’ve had on our calendar in over a decade or more!

After spending all of our wonderful savings to start the new year on a new roof, windows, and HVAC system I need to look ahead to where our savings may take us in the future!

The year ahead includes an upcoming train trip for Monkey and I. Our first trip just us together (and both of our first train trips outside of NJTransit to NYC). We’re going to visit my friend, Liz, who lives in VA.

The summer brings about two vacations: our first family vacation on a cruise to Bermuda, and a larger extended-family vacation to Disney World. << I can write that here because the kids don’t know yet nor do they read my blog!

Last year, Chris and I took a cruise to the Bahamas via Royal Caribbean. It was my very first cruise and his second. We enjoyed it quite a bit and we decided we wanted to take the boys on their first cruise this summer. While I’ve been to Bermuda twice, Chris has never been there. For us, the cruise is the vacation itself, and the port of call is just a bonus.

Our plans include traveling along the island via mopeds (it’s a 25mph speed limit across the island) and taking the boys on our journey to the Crystal Caves and the Zoo & Aquarium. I’d love to get a new perfume to replace the ones I had from my visit as a child and again in college.

Traveling isn’t an inexpensive hobby to have, but it can be done somewhat frugally being well planned out. We did finally open the coveted Chase Sapphire card as it gives back a little more toward travel expenses. It’s a legit solid feeling card and the rewards should pay for themselves relatively quickly.

4 thoughts on “Traveling on My Mind

  1. My son worked a month in a Hospital in Tanzania while he was in med school last year. Although he caught typhoid at the hospital and lost 20 pounds from an already lean frame he still managed to summit Kilimanjaro in a raging blizzard that turned almost everyone else back. He also got to take a safari before he came back here. His wife couldn’t go as planned so she went later and did a safari on her own. He wasn’t impressed with the state of medical care but they were impressed with the wildlife and outdoor views. His only tip, do not get sick while you are over there! I would hesitate taking kids on that trip for that reason.

  2. Thanks Steve! Makes a lot of sense. I remember looking into doing a year long residency there for a PhD in Anthropology and the shots and personal insurance needed was quite a lot! Definitely would be a specific guided trip when the kids are much older.

  3. Me like a lot!! We have the same sense of adventure, Kate. Were we separated at birth? Mrs. Groovy and I are doing Australia this year. Next year is Ecuador. And then Thailand in 2021. Cheers.

  4. That’s so awesome Mr. Groovy! Maybe it’s the NJ/NY in us! I definitely have found a friend who wants to go to Thailand, so maybe that’ll be next year 🙂 As the kiddos get bigger I’m sure they’ll be in on planning new adventures, too. Enjoy Australia, I had two roommates in college from Sydney and always wanted to go!

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