What Works Best for You

There’s always so much controversy online about what you should and shouldn’t eat, how you should eat, when, what, where, why. Working in an environment around a lot of women complicate it even more. Say one thing and there’s a story to back up the opposite, teehee.

What happened to everything in moderation?

I’m a do it for life kind of gal. If it’s a lifestyle shift I can make then I’m all for it, but I don’t do fads or short-term diets to drop weight fast. First, I’ve never dropped weight in a short-term no matter what I do (wish I could!). Secondly, I’ve seen over and over again how others balloon back up once their old habits kick back in.

Make small changes and do it for your lifetime. Baby steps.

While I’ve mentioned the popularized Keto here on the blog before, and I am gluten-free they are not diets nor was my choice to enter the world and exit it after reaching some goal. Gluten-free is for life, there’s no way around that choice anymore.

Keto was a great way to embrace adding healthy fats back into my life without guilt. I grew up in the era of low-fat everything, which still perpetuates in conversations to this day. Diving into learning more about ketogenesis was a way for me to learn more about how the body processes fuel and how I might be able to affect change within my cells through a different focus.

I have found, I love eating healthy fats. Now there is no guilt, so it’s even better! Pass me the olive oil, would you?

Do I still eat carbs? Sure. I enjoy rice on occasion, and a variety of other gluten-free items I can still consume. I never have limited myself restrictively, nor do I plan to. I giggled inside when I started down the “learning about keto” path to find some use test strips and freak out if their bodies go out of keto. How silly!

Not to mention, being on a restrictive diet can be isolating. Having to choose to go gluten (and egg) free was restrictive enough to limit my options for eating out, sharing meals, and what not. I have no desire to limit anymore, but I do have the desire to increase fats and decrease sugars. I just feel better that way.

While I dabble in testing something out, it’s more of a mere experiment for my body to see how it reacts and how I feel. If I didn’t experiment two years ago, I can tell you’d I’d still be in the depths of despair and living with inflammation, joint-pain, sleepless nights, and horrendously painful eczema.

Experiment is the light in my life. Try, fail, try again.

I love to read (hi, I’m a librarian) and I love to research. I often find myself learning of something and then doing a deep dive to find out more. Whether it’s a question asked at my reference desk, or a brief conversation, it sparks the desire to learn as much as I possibly can.

It’s never been more of a land mine to enter the world of nutrition and figure out what’s best for you. Every body is different, so I am all for find what works for your body and more importantly your lifestyle.

While I’m still figuring out the best way to lose the added weight I’ve been carrying around the past few years since having the baby no. 2, I know it’s going to be a slow and lifestyle shift process. I’ve already begun to take it one meal at a time and one choice at a time. Focusing on the Now has given me that reminder.

All this to say, I’m still here, just trying to figure out what I’d like to eat next 🙂 Last weekend was a bit of a sad time, and then I did our taxes on top of it. Now, how about that for a double whammy for a weekend. Ah, death and taxes, two things we cannot escape for long.

2 thoughts on “What Works Best for You

  1. hi kate. in 1989 a cross country coach of mine gave us in college a summer reading list which included “sugar blues” from 1975. a lot of these concepts have been around a long time and weren’t just invented by a brooklyn hipster last month. i like you concept of moderation and trying to see what works for you individually in the long term. for the the nutrition dogma goes hand in hand with the finance dogma where one way is the only way. here’s to you for seeing through the muck and to your good health.

  2. Thanks you’re absolutely right 🙂 Many ideas that become popular are a repackage of an older idea. Even some books on Keto I find studies from 50+ years ago. So it’s not a brand new idea. Thanks for stopping by Freddy!

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