Project Complete: New Sliding Door and Windows

Last week our renovation project was completed. First we had the roof replaced and quite an event with that situation, and then we replaced our sliding glass door and a few windows around our home that were either not sealed properly, or single pane and the breeze blew right in.

The first major task that the installers put in was the new sliding glass door. I chose on a whim to have a new slider put in because while Chris had replaced the seals on our old one, it still was quite cold. It turned out to be less expensive than that darn garden window, so it seemed like a good deal for such a high quality door.

Our new sliding glass door was worth every single penny. The salesman for the company we worked with, All County Exteriors, said everyone is so pleased with the door they receive. Well, he was very right!

This door lets not an ounce of air inside the house. It’s so warm inside our dining room and it hasn’t even been that cold outside this winter. It has a pretty easy to use locking mechanism on the bottom and one that allows you to keep the door slightly open for air but locked securely.

Also the installers did an fantastic job of leveling the door and installing it in such a high quality way. It was good to see they reframed and did really good work according to Chris for how to install it.

I love it!

They have to come back today to put on the screen door as there was an issue with the screening, but otherwise wahoo! What a difference in quality.

We had several regular windows replaced on the second floor of our house that are also awesome. This doozy of a garden window was in need of a desperate replacement as it was single pane, ice would freeze inside of it, and you could feel the window blow. It wasn’t inexpensive by any means, but there is a world of difference within our kitchen now.

I love my new garden window!!!

It’s got easy to use side opening screened windows that we’ll definitely take advantage of in the nicer weather to air out the kitchen. The previous window’s side openings were rusted and hard to open. Well, no more! Fresh air into the kitchen you come!

I’m oddly giddy about windows. We never could afford them in our old townhouse other than replacing a sliding glass door that cost as much as this one, was smaller, and of lesser quality years ago. So, this is our first ability to ever put in windows/doors and get quality to last us a long time. We don’t plan to move… like ever. Despite those taxes 🙂

The garden window has a little more depth than the last I believe, and it doesn’t have a shelf inside. So far, I’m waiting on Chris to paint the interior wood trim before I set my plants up in it. I may not put my AeroGarden back in the window, as it’s too beautiful not to fill it with fun plant pots. I will be able to grow better in this window as well, as the outside temperatures won’t affect the plant growth as they did before. Here’s to dirt and seeds coming soon!

In the end, all of these renovations hurt my soul for the diminishing savings in our accounts, but that’s what the savings was planned for anyway. We had been saving for years knowing we needed to replace the roof and wanted to make some upgrades. So, while I was used to a filled account, it will refill again for future plans without having to worry about these issues any time soon.

2 thoughts on “Project Complete: New Sliding Door and Windows

  1. Looks great. It’s nice to have airtight doors and windows. I know ours aren’t! We had a pretty big windstorm a couple of days ago, and you could hear the wind blowing in through the front door. Not good!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, in our old townhouse we had a backdoor that the curtains blew even with the slightest breeze. It makes such a huge difference and windows/doors have come a long way with seals, etc.

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