What else could there be?

There’s nothing like being told to gargle lidocaine to make you question the entirety of your existence. Let me go back a bit to explain how I got to that fantabulous moment in my life.

I mentioned previously that I had seen a gastroenterologist whom I really like. We set ourselves on a new journey together to take a deeper look inside based on my Celiac diagnosis and recently, I underwent my very first endoscopy and, drumroll… colonoscopy.

Everyone’s stories included that the procedures weren’t so bad, but the prep was the worst. Well, no one was wrong, but it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. It’s like the whole concept that others have given birth and no two are the same. Well, prep for colonoscopies are all over the board with ranges from easy to troublesome, to quitting it altogether. Note to self: don’t read stories about the prep while in the midst of it…

I made it through the entire day fasting with a clear liquid diet. I wasn’t hungry much by the end of the day, consuming a bit of sugar via Jello throughout was helpful. At the end of the evening though, despite drinking liquid all day I felt dehydrated. So, I asked Christ to pick me up Gatorade on his way home. That quenched my thirst!

My prep included being set up with a split prep across two bottles of liquids. I prepared by putting the kids to bed early so I could stay on track for the schedule since Chris wasn’t home and who knew what would happen! It turned out to be not so bad, as I was a pretty regular person prior. There was nothing major to worry about, and it started to clear out within about 90 minutes.

That evening, I actually slept really well. I must have been just drained from the liquid diet, and while I was nervous I’d be up all night, I didn’t wake once. I took the boys to school and then took the second half of the prep. After a little while all was clear, and I was feeling dehydrated. Unfortunately, my procedure was at 12:30pm, so I had a while to go without an ounce of water allowed.

Napping it was! I was able to just try to sleep until it became time to get myself together and head to be scoped. My Mom took me, and when I got there it was pretty swift to get in and get setup.

With my current food issues, I was unable to take the normal meds that put you to right sleep, so the anesthesiologist came up with a different plan. Gargle lidocaine and try to swallow it to numb my throat. Yay! What an idea! Then he sent Benadryl through my veins, shades of September came to mind. Finally, another anesthesiologist took over, I was given another med and I woke up all done!

Whew. What a trip! The photos are interesting to look at. The diagnosis and biopsies were a long list of issues I needed to research and learn about. I’m on short-term medication to handle what they’ve been able to see right away and it appears that not only is it Celiac, but also Crohn’s as well. Two for the price of one!

In the end, managing both is mainly due to diet; which luckily I’m pretty solid with thus far – – gluten-free me! I believe the inflammation wasn’t as bad because of how much better I’ve been eating the past two years. In addition, I’ve been put on a low residue diet (low fiber) and starting to research the best options to stick with. No broccoli? Is that for real?! Thankfully, I didn’t end up hospitalized to find this all out and my GI tract wasn’t giving me horrific problems heading into this as it happens to many.

What I suggest to everyone is to get a colonoscopy done. Try it, try it you will see, haha. It wasn’t that awful to go through the process, but results may vary. I actually felt so good after and not hungry, I didn’t even eat until 6:30 pm the night of the procedure. I’ve lost about 7-10 lbs since the process and don’t feel as hungry as I used to. Maybe with this new finding and a bit more tweaking and I’ll feel even better than the best I felt before. And who knows? Maybe some of these issues were why I was having trouble losing weight!

You never know what’s going on inside. Who knew food could be so good for you or do so much damage?! I’m glad while this has been a long journey, it’s been incremental where I could handle the small changes I’ve needed to make each step of the way. A little more is to come, but this librarian is research ready. I’m just not going to research colonoscopy prep experiences ever again!

Have you ever had a colonoscopy? Endoscopy? Anything fun happening inside your GI? Chris found the photos fascinating due to there is never a light shown inside those spaces!

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  1. Yikes Kate! That’s a full plate. I’ve got a bro-in-law and a sis-in-law with Chron’s and both have dealt with it for many years without signs of distress or serious problems so hopefully you’ll do even better with your positive spirit and healthy fitness level. I’ve had both of those scopes and the only one you didn’t get, one into my lungs due to some weird but manageable health issues. I’m just glad we have the level of science based health care that can handle things fairly easily now that used to be grim indeed.

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