Learning to Garden

The past weekend I took another class to grow my gardening skills. I feel like this spring I’ve really upped my game when it comes to truly understanding plants! So far, I’ve taken a class on Pruning Basics, Small Space Gardening, and Plants for Pollinators. Coming up in the next few weeks is a Spring Plant Swap (not sure if I’ll have much to swap!) and Spring Propagation!

The Naturalist, Ruthie, who has taught the classes has been absolutely awesome. I may have mentioned that before. Ruthie is so knowledgeable, honest, and caring. When I have gone to the local garden centers to get my gardens started, I always mention to Monkey, “Ruthie said to get this… nope, Ruthie advised against that.” I think even Monkey now is asking me, “What would Ruthie tell you about this one?”

When I stand in the greenhouses or by the plants I think to myself, “What would Ruthie do?” It’s great to have someone share their vast wealth of knowledge in such an approachable and easy to understand way.

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you my new pollination garden that I’m getting setup. It’s a year long process and I’ll explain why that is next time. For now, enjoy another beautiful image from their greenhouse.

I attempted to setup a small lightweight greenhouse last summer in the backyard, but it was not sturdy enough to handle even the slightest of winds. It also became filled with critters rather quickly, and basically fell apart because the covering was a clear plastic. I’m on the fence with possibly seeking to setup a new greenhouse in the backyard at some point in the future, but for now I’m operating in the great outdoors.

Do you use a greenhouse or know any ones that are really great?

Would you ever consider a greenhouse? Are you a green thumb?