Tis the Season for Grilling!

There’s just something wonderful about when it gets just warm enough to start using the grill again. We love to have hamburgers and hot dogs all spring, summer, and fall, but I’m really digging the flavor of homemade grilled chicken.

Unfortunately, our grill of over a decade finally rusted from the inside out last fall so we decided to wait until the spring to get a new grill. Chris picked out a grill he really liked and I must say, so far we are happy with it. We didn’t want to break the bank and went with a modestly priced grill. We actually never used the side-burner on our last grill more than two times so he had to find one that didn’t include that. And a lot of grills include that! Do you ever use your side-burner on the grill?

In addition, Chris has wanted to plan an outdoor kitchen type of setup (more just a settled space for the grill, side tables, and what not – – no fridge needed!). With this grill, he can easily remove the sides and either manipulate the grill to fit a design he makes or keep the stand portion in the middle.

I know for his birthday he’ll come upon some wonderful gifts that’ll help make his grilling setup even more amazing. Shhhh… I can’t say anymore in case he checks here!

We’ve been watching quite a lot of videos with Monkey and Crab about grilling from America’s Test Kitchen. We’ve learned a great way to clean and season the grill each time we cook. Chris showed me how to setup the grill as well so I can head out to grill to my hearts desire. I love grilled veggies!

This week we grilled enough chicken for several meals. He BBQed a few pieces which Crab loves, and made a bunch plain with chicken grilling seasoning I had bought originally to make cream of chicken soup with. Whoa, that added such good flavor to the chicken!

For dinner that night we actually had hamburgers and hot dogs (Chris is a huge fan!) and saved the chicken for the rest of the week. It’s so easy to make a meal when the main part is already complete.

I use the grilled chicken for chicken salad, enjoyed just as is cold or hot, with sauce, or on top of a salad. There is just so much to do with chicken! And it’s rather easier to choose healthy over junk or take-out when chicken is ready to go in the fridge all week.

How do you like to eat or use grilled chicken? What’s your favorite grilled summer dish?