Book of Mormon on Broadway in NYC

I took Chris last weekend to see Book of Mormon on Broadway for his birthday! It’s a show we’ve wanted to go see for awhile now and didn’t know much what it would be about, but that it was supposed to be funny. It was a great show! We laughed quite a lot and we highly recommend it to someone who thinks they might enjoy it. It’s a bit off color, so be prepared!

Prior to the show we had lunch at Friedman’s on 47th. It had high ratings on the Find Me Gluten Free app Chris introduced me to several months ago. The food did not disappoint! I was finally able to get something fried in a restaurant. Yum! Fried pickles!

After lunch we walked around Times Square a bit and Chris had a delicious Herhsey’s chocolate s’more! It smelled and looked delicious.

Little did I know the mini Hershey’s bar they gave me for free would turn into a 24 hour nightmare from a glutening. I’ve had regular size Hershey bars before without a problem, but apparently only that size is gluten free. The mini fun sizes are not. How wild is that?!? I let my guard down and whamo!

I’m glad Chris had such a fun birthday in the city. We spent his birthday there last year, too!