Woodworking for Littles

We’ve always been a household of doers and makers. Lately, our Monkey and Crab have wanted to get in on the real action and skip the toy hammers and fake nails. They’ve always been interested in real things, but I think Chris and I are finally comfortable with their skill levels to let them practice with real tools! I don’t think we would’ve let Monkey use this at age 3, but that’s the perks of having a big brother!

Monkey worked on hammering nails across a whole board in a more structured pattern. He’s done this before, and I helped him using what I learned in my previous woodworking workshop.

Crab on the other hand was just learning to handle the weight of the hammer, but did a fantastic job for the first time I’ve ever seen him do it. It’s possible they’ve been hammering nails or helping Chris for sometime now with real tools, I am just not always witness to it!

I thought I’d share a glimpse into a typical day when we have downtime to experiment and play. Sometimes you just need moments to get back to the basics and then more ideas open up!